Shift Cable Linkage Bushing Kit Cavalier SSR Trailblazer Envoy warranty for life for Sale

Price: $9.99

What I am offering you here is a 2 bushing assortment to fix front and rear drive vehicles. This bushings are not the low quality made in china versions that a big corporation offers and that you will find here on Ebay or maybe elsewhere. This are made in America, heavy duty, life time warranty bushings. Also this are not "trimmed" or "notched" bushings, like two copycats offer under the "promise" to ease installation but compromise safety and a long lasting repair. This are links to the videos on how to install the bushing: Copycats will tell you that you need special tools and a soft expensive bushing. They are lying to you!!! Why would you pay 25 dollars plus 8 dollars shipping for copycats, weakened, notched, flimsy bushings when you can get a sturdy Heavy Duty, long lasting stock solution bushing that will stay in place as it should? Would you weaken your lug nuts to "ease" the install of your spare tire? The other bushing is sold without retaining lip on one side. That will not last and it's a safety issue. My bushings are designed to stay in place and without any cuts or lack of retaining lip that could "ease" installation, but how long could it last or stay in place. An "easy" bushing is not solving, but deferring a problem because you "cut a few corners?" Made in America, not in Taiwan, and priced right with superior, sturdier and long lasting materials and with an unsurpassed warranty. To install this bushings is not even necessary to remove the cable from its location. It is just a matter of removing all the bits of the old split up plastic bushings and install the new ones into the cable's end.eyelet, then in This bushings connect to the transmission selector on hundreds of front or rear wheel drive vehicles including Cavaliers, Trailblazers, Envoys and more. Part numbers for the cable (where the bushing is installed), from GM and AC Delco are the following:15785087 15079394 1510141 15101412, 22737100 22621784. The parts that I am offering are just the bushings, not the cable, and it is a simple, economical, sensible and stock solution. No grinding, no disassembling and not a lot of time waiting time for the part. I am a fast shipper, but the fact that you need the part right away does not mean it will be there the next day. I am not responsible for shipping times and of course neither in charge of USPS logistics. I'll ship today or next day, and that depends on you, the time you decide to buy the item and time when I get your payment. Thinking Express shipping? $20.99. Priority? $5.99 dollars and takes in most cases 2 to 3 work days, depending on location and time of purchase. just make the appropriate shipping selection and check restrictions (due to serious inefficiencies from our Postal Service I strongly recommend you to use priority mail instead of free shipping). This bushings are the cause of more than frequent trouble on the road. Suddenly the worn out shift bushings, located at the transmission end or under the shift lever gives out after years of good service under extreme conditions of heat and cold, water, salt and oil exposure, the selector cable then disconnects from the pull ball and you get stuck in gear, unable even to shift back to park and being unable to remove the key from the ignition. Fixing that temporarily in the middle of the road, then limp back home is not fun let me tell you. There are several solutions of course: You could take your car to the shop and get the complete cable replaced (100 to 200 dollars plus towing fees); buy a new cable, wait for the part a couple weeks and do it yourself (50 dollars); buy a used cable with a used bushing hoping it will last? Maybe you could instead get really involved, do a chop job and go ahead modifying the selector pull, grinding its ball off, drill a hole were the ball was, and install a metallic new pin, hoping you didn't mess it up to later realize the metal bushing destroyed the plastic eyelet so you have to buy a new cable; or install a new bushing that will last for years and is an economical and stock alternative.

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