Race Spark Plug Wires Ignition Cables 8.8mm HEI V8 Chevy GM Ford Mopar Universal for Sale

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Universal 8.8mm Race Spark Plug Wire Set With a resistance of only 150 ohms per foot, ACCEL 300+ Ferro-Spiral Race wire sets provide a stunning 300 percent increase in electrical current delivery.
The 300+ race wire's high-gloss black silicone jacket not only looks great, but it also resists heat extremes, petrochemicals, ozone, and moisture better than so-called blended materials for greater durability and longer life.
Their high-density, high-temperature silicone insulation provides greater dielectric strength and eliminates arcing and the effects of corona better than the typical OE-style rubber materials.
Their all-KEVLAR® stranded inner core, fiberglass braiding, and brass terminals provide unsurpassed electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance compared to terminals made of common or plated materials.

  • Fit Most V8 Engines, GM, Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Ford, Mopar & More..
  • Compatible with Points & HEI Distributors.
  • Universal Custom-fit.
  • 8.8mm Black Wire.
  • Multi-angle Spark Plug Boots, they can be bend from straight to 90 degrees.
  • 150 Ohms/ft Of Resistance.
  • 600 F Rated Silicone Jacket.

Kit Includes:
  • 8pcs - Spark Plug Wires with Multi-Angle Spark Plug Boots.
  • 1pc - Coil Wire with Boots and Terminals for Male and Female Coil Connections.
  • 9pcs - 90° Angle HEI Distributor Boots and Terminals.
  • 9pcs - 90° Angle Points Distributor Boots and Terminals.
  • Wire Separators.
  • Installation Instructions.

*This kit features "Multi-Angle" Spark Plug Boots, they can be bent from a Straight to a 90° Angle, making this kit compatible with hundreds of V8 Engines out there, GM, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Ford, Mopar, Jeep and many more...
*Limited Quantity Available, up to 70% off of regular price!

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