Jaguar 4.0L Supercharger Rotor Rebuild Kit V8 XJR XKR Silverstone AJ26S AJ27S for Sale

Price: $2639.00

Contact us for more information about the custom pulleys we make.Check out the picture of our custom pulley in this item. Pulley shown is not included in this item purchase. The one pictured may not be the exact one available for this vehicle.

Buy this item to receive aDo-It-Yourself Supercharger Rebuild Service Kit.

$ 789 Do-It-Yourself Supercharger Rebuild Service Kit

$ 550 Core Exchange Deposit

$1339 Total for this item

-$550 Refund of core deposit once reusable exchange rotor assembly is received from you


$789 Total price of this itemonce we have received yourused rotor assembly for core exchange,afteryou receive therefund of core deposit

This Do-It-Yourself Kitincludes:

  1. AREADY TO INSTALL Timed, Coated Eaton M112 Gen4 Rotor Assembly for use with OEMand aftermarket Supercharger Kits. This item is a Re-manufactured Eaton M112 Gen4 Rotor Assembly and comes with a FREE Do-It-Yourself Parts Kit.

  2. FREEDIY OEM Eaton Snout Nose Drive Rebuild Kit ($169 value)

  3. FREEPair of rotor needle bearings for you to install in the housing ($44 value)

  4. FREEShipping for USA addresses.

This item includes the$550 core exchangedeposit if you need the kit to ship right away. We can ship our DIY rotorassembly kit before we receive your core used rotor assembly. With the returnof a reusable rotor assembly core, the deposit will be refunded. See moredetails here below.

Contact our Shop Foreman forour current core inventory.

What are the most common vehicle applications this item will fit?

These Eaton M112 Gen4 Superchargers are most often found on Jaguar 4.0L V8 XJR XKR Silverstone AJ26S AJ27S engines fitted with an OEM Supercharger Kitor Custom Eaton M112 Gen4 Supercharger Kits.

Will this fit the vehicleapplication of the supercharger being serviced?

This kit is applicable for Eaton M112 Gen4 superchargers used in Jaguar AJ-V8 engine vehicleapplications. For complete list of compatible vehicles see compatibilitychart. Please contact us if you needhelp to make sure your supercharger is this kind. We have friendly, helpfultechnical people available by email or phone to answer the lingering questionsyou have. Just ask.

According to Wikipedia:


4.0 L
The 4.0 L (3996 cc) AJ26 engine was introduced in 1996. The number "26" comes from 12+6+8 (cylinders), because when the first ideas were sketched, a family of 6-, 8- and 12-cylinder engines was contemplated, although only the 8-cylinder version was produced. It has a square 86 mm (3.4 in) bore and stroke. It was updated in 1998 as the AJ27 with continuously variable valve timing. The AJ-V8 was updated again in 2000 as the AJ28. The naturally aspirated version produces 290 hp (216 kW) in the 2000-2002 XK8.
Vehicles using this engine:
1997-1998 Jaguar XJ8
1997-1998 Jaguar XK8
1997-1998 Daimler V8
1999-2003 Jaguar XJ8
1999-2003 Jaguar XK8
1999-2003 Daimler V8
2000-2002 Jaguar S-Type 281 hp (210 kW), 287 lb⋅ft (389 N⋅m)
The supercharged version of the AJ26 is used in the high-performance R versions of Jaguar's cars. The engine was updated with AJ27 specifications for 2000. It produces 375 hp (280 kW) and 387 lb⋅ft (525 N⋅m) with the help of an Eaton supercharger (modified Roots-blower). The supercharged engine did not use variable cam timing as the normal benefits of improved volumetric efficiency are not noticeable on a boosted engine
Vehicles using the supercharged version include:
1998-1999 Jaguar XJR
1998-1999 Jaguar XKR
1998-1999 Daimler Super V8
2000-2003 Jaguar XJR
2000-2003 Jaguar XKR
2000-2003 Daimler Super V8

These superchargers are inhigh demand. Not necessarily easy to come by. With this in mind, our ShopForeman designed this kit to be the quickest way to put a supercharger youalready own back into service, with much of the work performed by you or yourmechanic, to help with cost and turnaround time savings. This kit is especiallygreat for automotive repair shops where the mechanic can keep the cost andturnaround time down by completing the less difficult work in his repairfacility.

This item is ado-it-yourself complete rebuild kit with a pre-built and timed rotor assembly.It is ready to install into your supercharger housing by you or your mechanic.It comes with a parts kit to rebuild the Eaton Nosedrive Snout. Alsoincluded is a pair of rotor shaft needle bearings that are quality controlledchecked and ready for installation by you or your mechanic into thesupercharger housing.


To have a superchargercompletely serviced by us, you send your core in for the rebuild. We have aComplete Rebuild Service which you can send your supercharger in to haveperformed. In this way you avoid a large core charge I would have to hold if Isent you a completely rebuilt and ready to install supercharger to you before acore supercharger is received by us.

The Complete RebuildService for the Eaton M112 Gen4 supercharger is as follows:

$795 Complete RebuildService Eaton M112 Gen4

$199 Thermal Barrier RotorCoating

$150 Estimated returnshipping cost for most USA addresses (cost will be based on zip code and whatparts are sent into us)


$1144 Total for a Complete Rebuild Service with Rotor Coating Service

Our do-it-yourself CompleteRebuild kit saves you several hundred Dollars, or gives a fantastic potentialprofit margin for an automotive repair shop.

This item is a rotorassembly that has been newly re-manufactured with the rotors newly re-coatedand precision-timed. Currently, it comes with a FREE Complete Rebuild Kit (anestimated $200 retail value) that includes all the parts needed for thecomplete service of the supercharger.

Buy this item because therotor assembly is already professionally re-manufactured for you. Our rotorassembly bearings are retained by an Aluminum plate designed and CNCmanufactured specifically for this application by Embree Specialty Machine.This is the only method of bearing retention we trust for our superchargerrebuilding services. Now, you can use this professional, reliable method tocompletely rebuild your Eaton supercharger yourself, saving you time and money.NO ALUMINUM WELDING REQUIRED. A U.S. Patent has been applied for to protectthis bearing retention process from unauthorized use by anyone but the designerof the process or his legal beneficiaries, Patent Pending.

Our rotor assembly is builtto the exact same specifications we use when we rebuild a supercharger atEmbree Specialty Machine. To assist you in your assembly work, the tolerancesare listed in this item description. The bearings and seals used are upgradedfrom the original part specifications and most importantly, the rotor seals arenow a Double-lip Viton.

How does Embree SpecialtyMachine re-manufacture this Eaton Supercharger Rotor Assembly?

We completely disassemblethe rotor assembly plate including removing the old seals and bearings. Thebearing plate is carefully measured and paired with a newly recoated pair ofrotors. The ESM rotor coating is our exclusive thermal barrier, interference-fitcoating, similar to Piston Skirt coating in durability and environment parameters.Our coating is durable in harsh environments found in configurations using nitrousinjection systems, methanol or water injection. Then the rotor assembly plate isCNC machined to accomplish correct rotor timing and front rotor-to-bearingplate clearance, set at 0.006" to 0.009" and the mesh is split +/-0.001" for optimum supercharger operation. Both rotor seals and rotor ballbearing have been replaced.

What does this iteminclude?

This item includes the samehigh quality parts we use in our Embree Specialty Machine rebuild services.This kit contains an Embree Specialty Machine re-manufactured rotor assembly.This item is Quality Control checked. As an informed DIY Do-It-Yourself person,you are purchasing this component to complete the rebuild service yourself. Youare making the decision to take upon yourself the responsibility of the successfuloutcome.

    1. A Genuine Eaton Rotor Assembly that has been professionally re-manufactured with new rotor coating, timing gears installed, ready to be slid into supercharger housing by you or a technician. It will come with our Complete Supercharger Nosedrive Rebuild Kit with all the parts and materials to complete the rest of the complete supercharger rebuilding service yourself. This FREE parts and materials kit includes:
    2. FREE Eaton snout nose drive rebuild kit with housing needle bearings ($169 value):
      1. Two AC Delco supercharger oil, 4 ounce bottles (2)
      2. Permatex anaerobic gasket maker for aluminum flanges, a red sealer (1)
      3. Eaton coupler, prepared with installation grease (1)
      4. Brand name Premium back nosedrive ball bearing (1)
      5. Brand name Premium front nosedrive ball bearing (1)
      6. Brand name Premium Viton front nosedrive seal with double-seal internal diameter, prepared with installation grease and oil on internal diameter of the lips of the seal. (1)
      7. Nosedrive Rotoclip, a quality replacement of original wire retaining clip (1)
      8. Plastic Syringe with tubing for oil extraction (1)
      9. Brand name Premium cup-type needle bearing pair, to install sub-flush below surface of interior housing face that bearings are being pressed into. A pair of rotor needle bearings for you to install in the housing. (2)
    3. FREE Shipping to USA addresses. International shipping and customs charges will be determined by and collected by the Global Service through eBay.


If I have a non-supercharged car,can I buy thiseBay item and get acomplete superchargerhead unit with the engine fitkit includingeverything that is needed to install a supercharger on my vehicle?

No, you will need to provide for exchange, your rotor assembly or pay the core charge. This is not a complete supercharger. Instead this is a kitthat contains the components torebuild a supercharger you already own.

Who and what is this kitdesigned for?

For the Shop Technician orDIY Do-It-Yourself person, this kit includes the Embree

Specialty Machine EatonRe-manufactured Rotor Assembly. Get the same Premium Quality bearings and sealsused in our ESM Complete Rebuild Service. This item has been designed by ourShop Foreman, based on years of successfully servicing Eaton superchargers togive you the Best Chance at Success (TM) when performing the superchargerrebuild service yourself.

If you decide at any pointto have a professional perform this service, send it in. The rotor assembly iscorrect when it leaves the shop. Damage that occurs after the point where it ispackaged for shipment from us, is completely on the mechanical person performingthe rebuild service, whether you or your mechanic. No refunds will be given however,if you run into issues, contact us first because we can help.

What can be done to confirmthis is the right item for my application?

Send us a message with somecellular phone photos of the supercharger to be serviced.

This is an important firststep. The Shop Foreman will require these pictures to identify the superchargerand to help us make sure proper components are sent. There are severalvariations that must be considered to make sure the drive gear is on thecorrect side of the rotor assembly and the correct ball bearings are provided.For a list of most compatible vehicles see the compatibility chart.

We are happy to help youmake sure you order the right part for the job. If you have ANY DOUBTS aboutthis being the one your application needs, please email us before you purchasethis item. Include a cellular phone photo of the one you are replacing, for theShop Foreman to look at. Also, include the year, make, model and trim level to assistin the identification of the vehicle application.

It is not always easy to besure what you have because there are so many variations to the Eatonsuperchargers. With this in mind we want you to know that if the rotor assemblythat arrives does not match the one you need to replace, contact us immediately.Do not panic and remember we have offered this because we want to help you getthe right parts. We want you to have the right one and will work with you to exchangeit when an honest mistake is made. Please help us by making your best effort tobe sure which rotor assembly you need before you place your order. It is okay totell us in your order email that you are not sure what you need. It can reallyhelp us to help you if you would email us a photo, and for this cell phonephotos work great. We can prevent delays and frustration by looking at yoursnapshots for 5 minutes instead of all the extra work to exchange the part. Letus help you up front if you aren't 100% sure you know what you have and whatyou need.

Is this the right kit for asupercharger with a short nose drive?

No. Some superchargerscome with short nose drives that need a single double-row ball bearing insteadof two single-row ball bearings. If you have one or suspect you have one, youshould send us a photo of your short nose drive supercharger because we mustknow in order to provide the appropriate nose drive ball bearings. We have theappropriate parts and you will want to confirm this with your order so that wecan include the correct parts in your kit.

What is the differencebetween the Eaton M90 and M112 superchargers?

This eBay item is for anEaton M90 which shares the same bearing plate as an M112 but the M112 rotors arelonger. The M90 kits are available through our eBay Store, too. Message us withquestions and we can help you determine what item is right for you.

How can the Eatonsupercharger model be determined?

With the Gen 1, 2 & 3Eaton superchargers, this is a simple matter to determine because holding thenose drive on the:

Eaton M45 Gen 3 has 8 bolts

Eaton M62 Gen 3 has 8 bolts

Eaton M90 Gen 3 has 9 bolts

If the supercharger bearingplate you are working on looks way different than this, then just email us somephone pictures and ask our Shop Foreman to assist you in determining thesupercharger type you have and what kit you need.

THIS ITEM IS FOR: Eaton M112 Gen4


Eaton M45 Gen3

Eaton M45 Gen3 with shortnose drive

Eaton M45 Gen4

Eaton M45 Gen5

Eaton M62 Gen3

Eaton M62 Gen4

Eaton M62 Gen5

Eaton M90 Gen3

Eaton M90 Gen4

Eaton M90 Gen5

Eaton M112 Gen5

Eaton M122

Eaton TVS 4-lobe

This kit is NOT for thesesupercharger model/generations because they use a different rotor assemblybearing plates. Please contact us to get more details about a superchargerrebuild kit for these or other Eaton Models that are not listed here. Contact us24/7 by email or during business hours at our main phone [phone removed by eBay] to speakwith the Shop Foreman.

What are the specificationsfor the ESM Rotor Coating?

Superior, our Rotor Coatingis very consistent because it is thickness checked during quality controlinspection to ensure even application. Not all rotor coating available in the marketis precision checked like ours. We check them so carefully after coatingbecause the rotor assembly will work best and most quietly with properthickness of rotor coating. You can see that the bearing plate is precision CNCmachined to set the ideal tolerances, giving you optimum performance.

What does this superchargerrebuild kit process include?

You, the buyer will havethe parts that you need to replace the rear rotor needle bearings, rebuild thenose drive snout and install the rotor assembly yourself.

Technical support from theESM Shop Foreman is available during normal business hours by contacting usthrough the message center in EBay. Our main shop phone number is available onour company website.

What are some importantprocess points that can help with the rebuild process?

- The inside race of thefront nose drive ball bearing must be supported when installing the shaft. Thismeans the shaft must be installed before the front nose drive seal is installedbecause the front nose drive seal will cover the inner race of the front nosedrive bearing when the seal is installed. If you do not support the inner race,it will result in installation damage to the ball bearing. A clicking noise inthe bearing after installation is a symptom of this.

- Never use ball bearingswith dust covers because in this application they are used in an oil bath.

Should a contact phonenumber and email be provided by the buyer when the item is ordered or purchased?

Providing a phone number and email is essential for quality service because we can contact you if thereare any questions about your order. Of course we never have time to spam andnever share information.

What will the superchargerrebuild process include when using this kit?

You, the buyer will havethe parts that you need to replace the rear rotor needle bearings, rebuild thenose drive snout and install the rotor assembly yourself.

We include and recommend using PermatexAnaerobic Gasket Maker (PX#51817 NET .20 FL OZ or PX#51813 NET 1.69 FL OZ)which is designed for Aluminum flanges. Donot get any sealer or any debris in the rotors during installation. Do not usetoo much sealer or it will squeeze out into the rotors which will damage thesupercharger. Completely clean any old sealer off the surfaces you are connectingthe supercharger to because leaving the old sealer on the flanges will distort thesupercharger housing when bolted together and cause failure. Follow the instructionson the package of the sealer for best results.

What is the tolerance goalfor my assembly to work properly?

You will want a minimum gapof 0.006" to 0.010". The gap can be greater than 0.010" howeverthis wide of a gap will allow for air charge leakage. The smaller the gap betweenthe rear housing and the back rotor faces, the tighter the supercharger seal.The rotors should never touch each other or the housing internal bores,anywhere at all.

What Warranty Coverage isincluded with my purchase?

Our One-Year Warranty andour long-term eBay reputation will be your peace of mind.

Core Charge Details (YOUHAVE A CHOICE!):


Purchase this item which includes a$550 core charge. The new item will go out as soon as possible and before yourcore is received. You can keep your core if you prefer. We hope to encourageyou to return the core by including a core charge. If you would like to send itin for a refund of the core charge, return ship it back to us within 15 days ofreceipt of the item. The cost of return shipping is always the buyer's responsibility soship as cheaply as possible. The box our kit is sent to you in is built toughenough that you can use it to return your used rotor assembly core. So there isno need for you to round up a box and packing material. We want this to be easyfor you. After you ship it, email me a tracking number to help identify yoursby alerting us to its return. The core charge will be refunded immediatelyfollowing the Shop Foreman's inspection check in of the returned core, normally 5-10 business days depending upon the shop load when the core is received. Damage can affect the core refund if it makes thecore parts unusable for the next customer. See choice (B) to understand youroptions.


To avoid the core charge,you purchase this item without adding a $550 core charge and wouldthen ship your core immediately. Shortly after our receipt of the core, we willship the new item out. In this way, we can help you avoid the core charge whilecontinuing to keep costs low for everyone. This kit without the core deposit is $789.

If you have any questions,before you buy this kit please contact us because we want to send you the rightpart the first time. A few quick emails can make all the difference in the longrun. This will give us the chance to address concerns before we both have investedtime and money. Also, you may have the same question as someone else which wecan share by posting answers for others to learn from. Our ESM superchargerrebuild kits are designed by the Shop Foreman for your Best Chance at Success(TM).

And as always, we are hereif you decide it might be in your best interest to have a professionalsupercharger re-manufacturer service it. Yes, we can rebuild it even if you havestarted the service yourself. Try not to tear anything up and package all theparts up carefully.

Get started today on yoursupercharger rebuild service, knowing you have choices to fit your budget, timeframe, mechanical skill level and available shop tools.

We appreciate your business.

The High Speed Lab Supercharger Shop

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