GM VATS or PASSkey II Bypass Module For LS1 and LT1 for Sale

Price: $17.99

<div style="text-align:center"><img src="" border="0"><br><table align="center"><tr><td><a style="text-decoration:none" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a></td><td height="27px" valign="middle" align="center"><font face="arial" size="2"><b><a href="" target="_blank">xdponline</a> Store</b></font></td></tr></table></div> You are bidding on a brand new VATS bypass module.New Version with built-in LED !!! LOW price !!! New and Improved version. Even smaller than before. It is the size of a dime !!!! The new version is even smaller than one before. The assembly is automated with SMT (Surface Mount Technology) so every circuit is precisely assembled and tested. Compare it to other VATS which are soldered by home geniuses and usually epoxied in the black bulky boxes so nobody can see what is in side. We have nothing to hide, all the components are clearly seen through the translucent epoxy. Anybody can copy it but nobody can build it cheaper. Check our feedback to see what customers are saying about us. VATS Bypass Module All products come with instructions. This VATS bypass module is intended for use when installing a GM engine equipped with VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) into a vehicle missing the BCM (Body Control Module), when resistor type bypasses just wont work, or for use with remote starting applications involving stock vehicles equipped with VATS. Our VATS bypass will also work to bypass failing VATS systems. This bypass module generates the 'key OK' signal normally sent from the BCM, sometimes called the VATS decoder, to the PCM/ECM when the proper key is detected. Without this signal, the fuel injectors will shut down within the first 3 seconds. Normally it costs between $150 and $300 to have this feature deleted from the PCM. By using our module you will accomplish the same function for less and you won't have to ship your PCM/ECM to have it reprogrammed. Our module will work with: GM 'F' body type vehicles from 1989 and up 93 and up LT1 with some exceptions after 95 98 and up LS1 with some exceptions All VATS equipped GM (Buick, Chevy, Oldsmobile and Pontiac) vehicles from 89 to 02 that originally had the black resistor pellet in the metal part of the ignition key All VATS equipped GM vehicles from 89 to 95, some engines made from 89 to 93 All VATS equipped GM vehicles from 89 to 02 that has a wire to the PCM labeled VATS, Fuel enable or Circuit 229 If the original car key has resistor chip/pelet in it then our module will work for you. Our module is a simple four-wire interface (power, ground, standard signal and 30Hz signal) and if installed with a detachable connector, it can be removed to enable the factory anti-theft system to protect your car overnight or at the car show. You can't do that if you programmed that feature out of your PCM/ECM. This module comes equipped with a status LED that indicates that it is functioning. LED will flash once every eight seconds when power is applied. To connect module you will need your car specific wiring diagram to find 'fuel enable' wire. Due to a variety of cars and low item cost, we do not provide car specific wiring diagram. We rely on the user to do basic research. Online forums full of instructions for bypass connections. This bypass does not remove the need for starter bypass which is easily done with relay rewiring. You can find this information on the web and car forums. We do not provide instructions for starter bypass Dual Frequency VATS Bypass generates both Standard VATS Signal as well as the 30Hz Signal all in one module. So there is no need to guess which unit to buy. Other Features include: Microcontroller based for reliability and accuracy Specially designed circuit board with a 14bit processor. Works on any 12V Ignition or Accessory wire (operates from 7V to 24V) Waterproof Reverse voltage protection in the event of incorrect power connections Short circuit protection on all outputs to 12V or ground Dual frequency: Standard VATS and 30Hz VATSDual duty cycle: Standard and Painless Lightweight (.5oz) Small package (0.8in by 0.5in by 0.12in) 12-month warranty from date of purchase against manufacturer defects Feedback Upon fulfillment of your order please be kind and leave us feedback - if you have any questions or concerns on our products or service please contact us. We want to make sure your experience with us is a pleasant one. We will leave feedback after you are satisfied and have left us feedback. Froo | Froo Cross Sell, Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, eBay Marketing, eBay listing Apps, eBay Apps, eBay Application On Oct-19-17 at 05:15:02 PDT, seller added the following information:

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