Volkswagen Crafter - Carabinieri - Hongwell - 1:24

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Vw Crafter 1:24 - Lowered
Vw Crafter model diecast 1:24 Lowered Crafter

Volkswagen Crafter - Polizia - Hongwell - 1:24

Volkswagen Crafter 2017 review
So... A van like any other van, right? They're all the same. But the Crafter has some modern features – like the square shapes of the mask. And optional LEDs. You simply switch on the parking system and then control the van not with the steering wheel but with the side-mirror joystick. Music: Heading West by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

Volkswagen Crafter minibus 20+1 sedište
VOLKSWAGEN Crafter 50LRX visoko turistički minibus sa 20+1 sedištem