Volk Racing Rays TE37 17x8 +38 5x100 Subaru WRX STI GC8 GC8 22b Legacy GF8 BE5 for Sale

Price: $2600.00

Rays TE37 | 5 x100 | 17 x 8 | Mint Condition .

You are purchasing a set of 4 Rays TE37 . Made In Japan.

If you want to get the best price, write to me.

Bolt pattern 5 x100

Wheel Diameter 17

Front wheels 17x8 +38

Rear wheels 17x8 +38

One wheel has small dents on the inside, probably there was a small edit. with the tire it will be imperceptible. The geometry is completely ok. No welds. Fully ultrasonic tested. The rest is in mint condition.

Dont be afraid to message me!

I would like to answer all your questions before you purchase.

Shipping to Worldwide.

Before you click Buy Now, please clarify all your questions. Thanks

Attention! Before you click Buy Now, please write a personal message specifying all your questions

For NEW MSRP-3280$.

Production in this size has been discontinued! it is already impossible to order their new products now!!!


In addition to the production of forged wheels, we have been exporting wheels from Japan. We have a huge base, more than 14,000 wheels. We will be happy to find you any wheels. Address.

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