Tire Stickers FleXement Adhesive Rubber Tire Lettering Glue 20gm for Sale

Price: $14.99

At Tire Stickers, We offer the highest quality tire lettering products in the world. Sold with instructions, fleXement application adhesive and a clear transfer to ensure perfect letter spacing and correct position on every tire. (unlike hard to place individual lettering 1 at a time) Precision cut, officially licensed designs are now available from the #1 trusted brand.Flexement Permanent Tire Lettering Adhesive
Tire Stickers FleXement adhesive is a permanent tire lettering glue intended for bonding rubber tire decals to sidewalls. This adhesive is permanent and will bond the tire lettering to the sidewall for the lifetime of the tire. One bottle will cover installation of a D.I.Y. Tire Stickers kit to all 4 tires of a vehicle. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE ADHESIVE.
• Listing includes (1) 20gm bottle
Tire Stickers are ideal for maintaining a high quality lettering look with a lasting bond under daily driving conditions. For other sizes, designs and more information, please visitTIRE STICKERS . COMor call +1(424)272-0321

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