Superspeed RF06RR 17x9 5x100 +38 Black Scion FRS Subaru BRZ Toyota 86 Impreza for Sale

Price: $247.00

FLOW FORM SERIESRF06RRSpecs:Size : 17x9 (weight only 18.5lbs)Bolt Pattern : 5x100Offset : +38Center Bore : 56.1 (Hubcentric to Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86, Subaru Impreza)Color : Matte BlackSeating : Cone seats***Price is Per wheel!***
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Inspired by a timeless 6-spoke design, the 2020 all new RF06RR is a twist made by Superspeed with our own secret recipes. Featured with the iconic drop-center barrel and concave spoke design, it has the best big brake clearance in class; topped up with our signature knurled bead seat and weight reduction pockets, the RF06RR is our tribute to the Golden Age of JDM.

Available in two faces with vehicle specific fitments. Finish available in Matt Black and Satin Bronze.


Machine Spoke & Double Rib

Shave off any redundant weigh possible. It also serve as a cosmetic feature. (Diamond Cut on Matt Black models only)

Double-ribshape design between spokes to increasewheel rigidity

Face Profile

Face 1 - Concave

Face 2 - Deep Concave

BBK Clearance

Drop-center barrelensures maximum brake clearance

Starting from design phase, we modeled different brand name big brake kits, and to make sure final product is capable of your aftermarket brake upgrades

Lightweight Pocket

No compromise for weight saving - Lightweight pocket on center disk

18x8.5 - 18.9 lbs

18x9.5 - 19.4 lbs

18x10.5 - 19.8 lbs (projected)

Machine Engraving

CNC engraved branding and model name(Diamond Cut on Matt Black models only)

Bead Knurling

Originated from F1 racing, RF06RR features knurled bead seats on bothsides of the rim. It helps with minimizing tire slip within the wheels under extreme acceleration and deceleration


FLOW FORM is one of the most advanced wheels manufacturing technologies in the wheel industry. Its process involves applying high pressure to the inner barrel of thewheelwhile spinning and after it has beencastunder high temperature. Itsoutcomeis outstanding - lower cost than Forging, but more rigid and lighter than Casting.

As being the first company in Canada to apply FLOW FORM processing to 19\" wheels, we are dedicated tobringour fellow Canadians with full coverage of all diameters and category with FLOW FORM wheels.


    Preheating to set temperature; inner barrel mold set up; spinning machine roller arm attached to barrel, ready to start high speed spinning.


    Secondary heating device attached; spinner start high speed rotation.


    High speed rotation continue with high pressure applied to barrel. Repeated high pressure rotation makes surea high-density barrel was created at a pre-set size specification.


    End of the process. Machining excessive materials and wheels send to finishing process. Ready to be painted.


Competition Design, Max Weight Reduction

RF03RR is our latest introduction to the market. Its mission is to provide one product that is extremely lightweight, great rigidity, and excellent big brake clearance while able to cover most of the car applications on the market.

Available in two faces, from 18x8.5 to 18x9.5 in 5x100, 5x114, 5x112, and 5x120 with Matt Black, Matt Gunmetal, and Titanium finish. Custom Colouroptional.

  • Lightweight

    18x8.5 18.1 lbs

    18x9.5 18.7 lbs

  • Two Face/BBK Clearance

    Face 1 - Concave

    Face 2 - Deep Concave

  • Rigid Spoke Design

    Expanded connection between spokes and lip, increase rigidity

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