Solo Performance Mach Balanced Catback Exhaust- 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 GT & GXP for Sale

Price: $898.9

Complete Street Performance is you new Source for Solo Exhaust Parts! Questions? Call us at 610-628-1563 Solo Performance Mach Balanced Catback Exhaust - 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 GT & GXP Exhaust Kit Details This kit includes exhaust tips, J-pipes, muffler, balance pipe, clamps and all necessary hardware. Application 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 Standard & Automatic Description The Mach Balanced exhaust kit is classed as a tasteful performance exhaust kit. Outside the cabin it has a refined smooth high performance exhaust note that doesn’t get out of hand, inside the cabin it is quiet with a soft performance tone. It uses Solo’s 14” Mach muffler and J-pipes. It also incorporates a “balance” pipe in the front pipe section to calm the noise and soften the exhaust note. This kit uses stainless steel, polished muffler (inside and out) and stainless steel, staggered dual exhaust tips and mandrel bent exhaust pipes. 1-10 scale… 1 being stock quiet and 10 being rockin’ noisy Overall note outside cabin is a 4. Overall inside cabin exhaust note 3. This is a truly tasteful performance exhaust kit for your G8. It is not “raw or exotic” but it is deep, smooth and mean. This exhaust set up could be viewed as two systems in one. It’s very tame when driving slowly yet it comes to life when you accelerate. 8cyl to 4cyl jump…almost inaudible. 4cyl to 8cyl jump…smooth octave change, not sharp at all. Going up hills… if your eyes were closed you would not know you were going up a hill. About Us- Founded in 2010, Complete Street Performance & Our Tuner Andrew Zurick have become noted as one the top performance shops in the US. We have build some of the most powerful domestic cars on the road, and are now bringing that same high standard to our parts sales division.

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