Ford Escape Edge Focus Powertrain Control-Air Intake Temperature Sensor New OEM for Sale

Price: $17.88

Air Intake Sensor

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Powertrain Control-Air Intake Temperature Sensor




NIB-never installed


2018Ford EcoSportw/ 1.0L
2014 - 2018Ford Escapew/ 1.5L, 2.0L, Or 1.6L
2015 - 2018Ford Edgew/ 2.0L Or 2.7L
Ford Expeditionw/ 3.5L
Lincoln MKCw/ 2.0L Or 2.3L
Ford Focusw/ 1.0L
Ford F-150w/ 2.7L Or 3.5L
Ford Explorerw/ 2.3L
Ford Mustangw/ 2.3L
2016 - 2018Ford Focus RSw/ 2.3L
Lincoln MKTw/ 2.0L
Lincoln MKZw/ 3.0L Or 2.0L
Lincoln MKXw/ 2.0L Or 2.7L
2017 - 2018Ford Fusionw/ 1.5L, 2.0L, Or 2.7L
Lincoln Continentalw/ 3.0L, 2.7L, Or 2.0L
2015 - 2017Lincoln Navigatorw/ 3.5L
2014 - 2018Ford Transit Connectw/ 1.6L


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