Factory Lamborghini Torx Wheel Tool OEM T80 Lug Bolt Removal Key New 900000385 for Sale

Price: $129.00

NEW OEM/FactoryLAMBORGHINIWheel Removal key

This listing is for one (1) newgenuine originalLAMBORGHINITorx T80 Wheel LUGBOLT REMOVAL KEY.

DESCRIPTION: Factory tool for removing factory Torx wheel lugs. Known to work with Lamborghini wheel studs that require a torx tool, since 1999.

SPECIAL NOTE: Does not fit the rare special lugs made of Titanium. Those require a T70 which we also have available.

CONDITION: Brand-new but out of the retail packaging.

You really want to have this on-hand for when you need it. For one thing - your car doesn't come with it. Also, most tire shops do not have a T80. And if they do - it's too short! This special tool is longer and is stamped CHROME VANADIUM.

VALUE: Compare at $189.00 at the dealer's parts counter, and you will have to wait several weeks to receive it as it is a special-order item.Check through our feedback - we sell alot of factory wheels and wheel accessories for a reason.

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