Dodge Challenger Charger MUFFLER ACTIVE EXHAUST KIT-Black for Sale

Price: $219.0

Manufacture warehouse direct sale. The best product available for Dodge active exhaust delete. Color Black. We have color Red in another link. Want a faster & better car than what you have paid for? We have THE solution. Looking for speed enhancement & sound impression? We also have THE solution. This product was mentioned in many Youtube product review videos, Dodge discussion forums, so far we have 100% customer satisfaction rate! The best Active Exhaust Delete option on the market! Quoted " I think I like these better than the xxxx...." Quoted "If you go black anodized it's even more discreet and looks stock." Quoted "I just got these in the mail today and they look fantastic. I know the xxxx and the Simulator are the two main ones (or some people use wire to lock them into place) but these are awesome and give it a bit of an OEMish look when they are installed" Quoted "First impressions of the kit are really great, it's a high quality piece with no sharp edges and everything feels very well made." Quoted "It's a REALLY well made kit, seals things up nice and tight unlike the xxxx. I swear it's louder with the AED than running in just straight track mode but maybe I'm just going crazy." Quoted "Strong buy, recommended." This product deletes the functionality of the active exhaust to leave the exhaust valve wide open for a nice rich sounding exhaust.The RED-E POWER AED (Active Exhaust Delete) is an easy to install active exhaust delete system that works on Dodge vehicles 2015 and newer. Perfect for the DODGE CHALLENGER, CHARGER and other newer Dodge vehicles. The RED-E POWER AED was designed and engineered In California, United States. The kits (color red) include the following parts: 2ea x Stainless Steel Valve Lock Plates2ea x Aluminum Spacer Rings2ea x Stainless-Steel Spring Seats6ea x M5 Stainless-Steel Standoffs6ea x 5mm S.S. Wedge Lock Washers. Fits Engine Size: The AED components are crafted from 304 Stainless-Steel and Anodized (Red) Aircraft grade aluminum, designed to seamlessly retro fit your existing factory active exhaust valves to give you that nice throaty rumble. The kit Includes detailed step by step installation instructions, color photos and a list of the tools you?ll need to install the RED-E POWER AED kit. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS ARE RE-CONNECTED SECURELY AFTER YOU INSTALL THE AED TO PREVENT A CHECK ENGINE LIGHT Third party video: Third party review: TOOLS YOU WILL NEED: 8mm Combination WrenchStraight Blade Screwdriver

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