DIY BLUE LED Upgrade Kit - Silverado/Suburban Steering Wheel Switches Controls for Sale

Price: $19.99

This is an LED upgrade Kit for YOUR switches.
You are not buying new switches with LED's.You are buying a kit to upgrade your OEM switches/controls to LED's.
This is a Do-it-Yourself Steering Wheel Switch bulb to LED Upgrade Kit in PURE BLUE.
Soldering skills are necessary for this kit.
The kit includes the LED's (for all 4 switches)
Just clip or cut the incandescent bulbs from the circuit board and solder the LED's in place.
These are 360 LED High Performance LED's.
I personally designed and manufacturedthese led's for GM vehicles.
They are the ONLY led's in the WORLD that come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and can handle the voltage highs and lows that are demanded by GM vehicles.They will NOT flicker or burn out!
NO ONE else in the world has these led's for sale.
My led's are square, not round so they emit light 360 degrees around them, evenly and consistently. There are no bright/hot spots when you use 360 LED's. These LED's run brighter, demand less power, and run cool to the touch protecting your circuit boards for years to come.
I offer multiple sizes for all of your needs, and all sizes are color matched so you can use the large sizes in all of your other instruments and everything transitions smoothly.
The switches are easily removed with a small flat screwdriver, check out this video on Youtube: / PROGRAMVOLUME / SEEKINFO DISPLAY / TRIP FUELINFO DISPLAY / SELECT
Regardless of the compatibility chart,If the switches look like the ones in your current GM vehicle, they will work.
Vehicle Compatibility:
2003-2007Chevrolet Silverado 1500,2500 & 3500
2003-2007GMC Sierra 1500,2500 & 3500
2003-2006Chevrolet Avalanche - All
2003-2006Chevrolet Suburban - All
2003-2006Chevrolet Tahoe
2003-2006GMC Yukon
2003-2006Cadillac Escalade
2003-2007Hummer H2
2004-2005Buick Rainer
2004-2009Chevrolet Trailblazer
2004-2009GMC Envoy
2004Oldsmobile BravadaIzuzu Ascender

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