C7 Corvette cell phone mount (holder / bracket) - Satisfaction Guaranteed for Sale

Price: $35.95

Best C7 phone mount ever!

Very clean mounting - No ugly brackets.

Absolutely solid and vibration free.

Strong - phone won't fall off when on bumpyroad.

Easy to install and remove in seconds!

Strong enough to touch and push buttons on thephone without it moving.

Doesn't block air vents. Keep them pointed where you like them!

Doesn't block gauges, controls, or view outside.

Won't take the cigarette lighter position (whichalways seem to bounce around or out).

Easily rotates from portrait to landscape position.

Can be swiveled for passenger to view or use.

Magnetic phone holder.

Includes self adhesive metal plate if needed forback of phone or phone case.

Leaves no trace behind when removed; noscratches and no unsightly adhesive.

Finally, a phone mounting system for your 2014 -2019 Corvette that is in the perfect position - Makes your phone look like it's floating in space! Aftersearching for the longest time, and trying many different mounting systems inmy C7 Corvette, I finally gave up and created my own! No more bouncyphone, no more vibrating loose. This mount is installed in seconds andremoved even faster. Leaves nothing behind when removed.

GuaranteedSatisfactionor your money back!!!

If you're notcompletely satisfied with your purchase, simply return item for a full refund.

EVERY ITEMindividuallyINSPECTEDbefore shipping

High Quality / Longlasting/ If it EVERfails, I'll replace it FREE!!

Over 1,000 sold!

VIDEO 1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpMOl8NT7yc

VIDEO 2:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuGVHamkUrU

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