97-04 Corvette C5 Exhaust Muffler Bracket Insulator 10429800 Repair kit for Sale

Price: $14.99

If your exhaust tips aren’t all even then most likely your exhaust hanger bushings are shot (you can look through the diffuser vents to check them quickly) The original parts are discontinued and people sell old broken used ones for crazy prices on ebay.

I offer you a nice quick 10 minute repair kit. Just trim out all the broken/rotten rubber out of your existing brackets and slide in my bushing then bolt it back up(the bushing is designed to hold just from contact pressure however it is designed with deep grooves on the contact sides so that an adhesive can be used for additional security. Material is a strong wear resistant plastic known as PETG with a melting temp of 482 Degrees, so you don’t have to worry about them melting down on you.

Price is for 1 bushing (I recommend buying two and doing both sides)

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