7440 7441 LED Back Up Reverse Light Bulbs Cool White 6000K Extremely Bright 2pcs for Sale

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7443 7440 T20 LED Reverse Light/Daytime Running Light
Polarity Free
2pcs in a package

LASFIT L Series bulbs have an impressively bright, pure white, sharp light output with a unique metal style. It's easy to upgrade the factory yellowish bulb to LED. These high-performance bulbs will not only help improve visibility, but will create a high-end look making your car stand out.

Why Choose LASFIT LED Bulbs?

A Higher Level of Visibility
Using high power 3030 SMD LED chips, just 10 chips per bulb to produce peak brightness output, and less heat compared to other bulbs that sometimes use up to 30 chips. Make a big difference for your vehicle!

Excellent Heat Dissipation Construction
LASFIT bulbs use built of lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy as bulb body to keep themselves cool, even if they're used in constant-on applications like daytime running lights, they still illuminate non-fading brightness. Some bulbs, which were covered in many LED chips will haven't enough cooling surfaces.

Non-Polarity Design + -
You needn't worry whether you have a CK or Non-CK socket, these bulbs are universally compatible. They will fit into the same socket as your OEM original bulbs.

Built-in Constant Current IC Driver
A constant current driver is a device that takes any incoming voltage and smooths it out, regulates it, so a steady stream of voltage/current reaches the LED, ensures a bright, efficient and long-lasting illumination.

Bulb Reference Only)
Installation positions:
Reverse/Back Up Light Bulb
Daytime Running Light Bulb
Notes: This item fits different positions,depending on the bulb size of your vehicle's make, model, year, please double check the bulb size of your owner's manual before making purchase, or contact us directly to get support.

If the fitment chart says this item is not compatible with your vehicle, please contact us with your vehicle's Make/Model/Year/Trim which is helpful to check bulb type.

Package include: 2pcs LED bulbs.

LASFIT Warranty & Return:

* 1 Year Warranty. (If any quality problem we'll send free for replacement)
* Free return and free return shipping label can be provided if needed (contact us). Please refer to our return policy for details.
* We provide friendly customer service and local support service at California State.
Notice:Our warranty will NOT cover installation service, labor cost, diagnostics or any other expense related to item being defective/damaged.


For Honda Civic 2001-2012 & Accord 2003-2012, the reverse lightsare three types:
* for thesedan,the correct reverse light is 7440, the item fits.
* for thecoupe, the reverse light is 921, here isthe link for correct bulb size.
T15: for Honda Civic Hatchback 2002-2003, the reverse light is 1156,here isthe link for correct bulb size.

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