32.4V or 64.8V 20Ah LTO Titanate Li-ion 1.1kWh 24cell SCiB Bad Cells for Sale

Price: $210

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Split modules sold together.1 bad cell in each module.Refer to pictures for voltages.Some modules may have flooding.Not all modules will have bolts and plugs.
No warranty, sold as is.I have several more in this condition, let me know if you would like multiple.
Voltage information below is for modules in normal condition.
Voltage ranges for one row of 12 cells.32.4V Maximum30V Nominal18V Minimum
Voltage ranges for whole module 24 cells.64.8V Maximum60V Nominal36V Minimum
Each submodule of 12 cells will have the CAN ID labeled.
1.1Kwh total, 550W each section of 12 cells. Tested at 20.5AhThese are Lithium Titanate cells, very durable and long lasting.24 cell total, 2 rows of 12. Each cell is 45W,Each cell is 2.3V nominal. Voltage range from 1.5V to 2.7V
Hooked up in series, but are able to be flipped around and hooked up in parallel.Comes as a 64.8V pack, can be reconfigured to 32.4V by flipping around one of the blocks.Square pack size9.5 inches wide10.5 inches long5.5 inches tallSuper Charge Ion Battery 20 Amp Hour Cell Cell SpecificationsNominal Capacity 20 AhNominal Voltage 2.3 VOperating Voltage 1.5 to 2.7 VOperating Temperature −30° to 55°CCharging Method CC-CVLong Life Cycle Characteristics – Exceptional long life is achieved by using new oxide-based materials. Capacity loss after 6,000 charge-discharge cycles is less than 20%.Inherently Safe – The battery’s advanced safety features include Toshiba’s proprietary lithium titanate technology which prevents thermal runaway.Fast Charge Rates – Capable of full recharge in <10 minutes (160 A, 8C charge rate), SCIB™ batteries increase customer up-time and productivity and enable efficient capture of regen energy. Greater Usable Capacity – The battery provides up to a 100% usable range of SOC without compromising cycle life. This allows the customer to use more of the rated capacity and therefore use a smaller battery. High Output Performance – SCiB™ batteries offer a power density nearly equivalent to that of ultra-capacitors. This ensures sufficient power output (160 A continuous) for high power application needs.Superb Temperature Performance – The battery excels at temperatures as low as −30°C and up to 55°C. This provides excellent application performance in extreme environmental conditions.Production – Producing the batteries on a state-of-the-art automated high volume production line ensures that the customer receives the highest quality battery and stable supply to meet the most demanding application needs.

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