2 Silverado Mexican Flag Universal Chevy Bowtie Vinyl Sheets Emblem Overlay for Sale

Price: $11.0

Listing is for (2) 9 1/2" x 4" Mexican Flag vinyl sheets for application on Chevy emblems. These will fit any Chevy emblem with dimensions less than 9 1/2" x 4". These are NOT pre-cut shapes, as pre-cut shapes require prefect alignments. Sheets are applied and cut by you after application for an excellent quality finish. Instructions will be provided with purchase. Vinyl is a premium quality vinyl with 4-5 year outdoor lifetime. Interested in other colors or applications, message me! Don't pay more for the same product with slow shipping speeds. Pay less and get it quick!FREE 2-3 DAY SHIPPING!Instructions:TOOLS NEEDED:Vinyl SheetRazor BladeCredit Card or SqueegeeHair Dryer or Heat GunRubbing AlcoholWindow CleanerSTEPS:1. Remove all dirt and debri from the emblem using window cleaner. Finish cleaning with rubbing alcohol.2. Remove the white paper backing from vinyl sheet, ensuring the sheet does not fold over on itself or become crinkled.3. Carefully apply the vinyl sheet over the emblem, ensuring the vinyl covers the entire emblem.4. Using a squeegee or credit card, smooth the vinyl sheet on to the emblem. Work from the center of the emblem outwards smoothing out any bubbles or imperfections.5. Use a hair dryer or heat gun to slightly heat up the vinyl sheet to help cover the curved surfaces of the emblem. You can use a credit card edge to help push the vinyl into the cavity around the main emblem.6. Using the razor blade, carefully cut around the emblem to remove any excess vinyl.7. If any air bubbles still exist, pop with a needle or allow to fade over time in the sun. NOTES:1. Cut carefully and slowly, making sure to stop when reaching the interior edge of the chrome emblem frame. This will ensure you do not scratch any part of your emblem.2. Wait a week before driving through a car wash.

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