1 Pair Of Headlight HID Xenon Bulbs H11 9004 9005 9006 H4 H7 9007 880 881 H1 H3 for Sale

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HID REPLACEMENT LIGHT BULBS THIS IS NOT AN HID KIT, THIS IS 2 HID BULBS FOR REPLACING YOUR AFTERMARKET BULBS YOU NEED TO HAVE OR PURCHASE HID BALLASTS Factory direct pricing on replacement HID bulbs for vehicles with aftermarket hid kits or for vehicles with factory HID. Is your bulb burned or color not matching? Time to replace? These are the perfect bulbs for you! Choose your bulb size above and the color you want. Some bulbs are sold individually and some in pair. 500% brighter than halogen = enhanced visibility 3600 lm = ultra-bright, ultra visible, ultra awesome! Sealed vacuum induction xenon gas produces over 2.5x bulb life, without fading! Arc Quartz™ design increase clarity and reduces light refraction OEM-Grade UV Cut Quartz Xenon Bulb 12-Stage Quality Control Process JDM Lighting Technology Arc Quartz™ Bulb(s) or (Bulb) Arc Quartz™ bulb design increase clarity and reduces light refraction OEM-Grade UV Cut Quartz Xenon Bulb 35% less power usage than halogen bulbs puts less stress on your vehicles electrical system 500% brighter than halogen means improved visibility! Please ensure your ordering the correct bulbs for your vehicleSome bulbs are sold individually and some in pairs - use the drop down menu to see Please make sure your know your bulb size 100% water proof construction, you can submerge the entire bulb under water IP68. Perfect color match technology. Ultimate reliability using SSTC Technology to ensure long life. Color temperature output has tolerance of +/- 100K, the tolerance is unnoticeable by human eyes. Superior lumen output compare to its competitor 3200+ on average. Best quality burners from Bosch Japan. Up to 3000 Hours Lifetime. What bulb is for my vehicle? HELP! Step 1: Use a bulb application guide to check your bulb type (Search google for "bulb application guide" Step 2: Depending on your vehicle, it may ask you if you have composite HID headlights. Some newer vehicles come with factory HID / Xenon such as Audi BMW Mercedes etc... if your vehicle has factory HID make sure you order the correct bulb size from the drop down. If you want bi-xenon bulbs w/relay harness that does low and high HID, CLICK HERE: BI-XENON AD (9004 9007 H13 H4) HID BULBS FAQ Vehicles with factory HID / Xenon: If your vehicle has factory xenon (D1S D1R D2S D2R D4S D4R) choose the correct bulb above from the drop down. Remember these bulb types are sold individually (not pair). Vehicles with composite headlights also known as halogen bulbs Choose the correct bulb above from the drop down. These type of bulbs are sold as a pair. You get two. Remember, these bulbs require HID ballast to power them. We assume you already have these otherwise you can buy them separate. Do your bulbs come with HID ballasts to power them? Negative. You must buy those separate or you may already have them. Please do not think this is a complete HID conversion kit. We are only selling replacement bulbs. I have factory halogen light bulbs, can I buy these bulbs and install them to get brighter light? No, these HID bulbs required HID ballasts. If you do not have an existing kit, you will need to buy HID ballasts as well. We are only selling replacement bulbs. My car has factory HID (such as Audi / BMW / Mercedes / Cadillac) and one bulb is burned out. Can I buy just 1 bulb? First, you need to check to see if your vehicle came with factory HID / Xenon. Next, you need to test to see if indeed your bulb is burned out and NOT your ballast. Even OEM ballasts can go bad. You can do this by swapping the bulbs from one side to another. If you do decide to buy a pair of bulbs, remember, our D1S D1R D2S D2R D4S D4R are sold individually. So you recommend you buy 2 and change both so the color matches. ----------- Shipping and Handling FREE SHIPPING on all products within 50 States USA! USA Sales & Support - We are a 100% USA Seller! We ship 5 Days a week (Mon-Friday) excluding major Holidays. Please click on the eBay "Shipping & Payments" Tab for estimated shipping method and delivery times based on your location. eBay's delivery times are estimates. Actual delivery times can vary. We ship worldwide to most, but not all countries by USPS 1st Class Mail or Priority Mail. We ship from East Coast, USA Payments Information We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Quantity orders are welcome! Warranty and Returns 30 Day Return Policy - Customer must pay for return shipping. Product must be in original condition and shipped back at customer's expense. Unlimited FREE Technical support! Our friendly customer support is available by email Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time. Emails sent late Friday or the weekend will be promptly answered Monday Morning.

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