Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Clearance/Cab Light Template - Cummins 3rd/4th Gen for Sale

Price: $29.95

Hello friends and fellow truck enthusiasts!

Years back I got sick \'n tired of mounting cab lights with a tape measure, painters tape and a prayer they\'d line up right. So I took the liberty of designing these templates. They took a great deal of time to make and are made to the exact specifications of OEM.

As expected again, customer\'s have bought, copied and resold. So, while the lawyers do their thing, I am offering the deal you see here. I am not in the template business for money. Tools and parts and service is what feeds my son\'s, I started these 20 years ago to help fellow techs and enthusiasts install cab lights worry free!

These are made for precision accuracy when mounting cab lights to your Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500, Cummins or gasser.

I also have templates for 1st gen Dodge Rams and Ram Chargers, for all generations of Chevy Silverado 2500 3500 Duramax, and all generations of Ford F250 F350 OBS and Powerstroke.

Applicable to any year Dodge all the way up to 2018 as long as you use the 3rd and 4th generation style lights with the front and rear mounting holes. It is NOT compatible with the 94 + horizontal bolted (left to right) mounting lights. For you Ford or Chevy guys, this pattern works great on those trucks too and the style light also looks awesome. I have done hundreds on Fords and Chevys too!

These absolutely beat measuring and trying to eye things up by hand. Worth it if you ask me. Works great for the kits that don\'t include it or if you picked up a set of lights from a junk yard and need to get them mounted right.

*Patent Pending: Upon you purchasing this template directly or via 3rd party, or coming in possession of this template, you are entering in an agreement with the seller, DieselHead, LLC, that you arepossessingit with the intent to use it as it\'s intended purpose. Upon acquisition of this and any templates designed and sold by DieselHead, LLC you are agreeing that you will not be copying it or duplicating it in any capacity oracquiringit to modify the design and reproduce it to sell, distribute or resell in any and all capacities.*

My design is registered and Copyrighted. I am the original cab light template guy formerly known as \"liftedchevy11\" on here before I changed my name.

Please don\'t support or buy a thefted copy, buy the original and support an honest person. For the few people who have tried to steal my work and to those who might, I will take legal action.

Keep turning your own wrench and enjoy the satisfaction of doing the job yourself !!

*****I have to state a disclaimer that upon purchasing this you as the buyer are responsible for the installation. Do not even attempt if you doubt your mechanical abilities. Make sure before you drill you have the correct lights and while this template gives you the platform to install them, you are responsible for confirming that they are aligned to your liking. My templates give you some room to adjust forward and back and side to side. There are no install instructions included. I cannot be responsible for a botched install and that\'s why I cannot stress enough if you doubt your abilities or not mechanical inclined - pay a shop to do it.******

Thanks so much everyone and God bless you and your families.

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