#1157(1034) Clear Bulb DUAL ELEMENT TAIL & BRAKE LIGHT BULBS (Qty:10)OEM Quality for Sale

Price: $7.99

1157 Clear Bulb DUAL ELEMENT TAIL & BRAKE LIGHT BULBS (Qty:10)Most RUN-N-LITES turn signal conversion kits utilize #1157 bulbs. This is the standard, dual element, American automobile tail light bulb. This bulb contains both a low intensity element and a high intensity element. The low intensity element is the running or marker light, which is ON all the time. The high intensity element is the flashing, turn signal element, which is ON intermittentlyBRITE BULB direct 1157 Replacement! Double filament, double contact, staggered pin, standard, clear globe, looks just like/replaces an 1157, 1034 or 2057, but has a brighter candlepower of 50-14 (versus 32-3.) Also comes in AMBER under our part number B-1077A.

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