DA Calculator - Density Altitude Calculator


This calculator will calculate the Density Altitude (DA) from the given weather conditions for your drag racing runs.

You can enter in the data manually if you have it ready, or you can choose the track and date of the drag racing
run and we will look up the weather and elevation data for you. Weather data is obtained from an airport near the track.

If you want the most accurate DA, check out this Kestrel 4250 racing weather meter, it gives you your DA instantly at the track.



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Track Elevation:

feet above sea level

Air Temperature:

degrees F

Barometric Pressure:

inches Hg

Relative Humidty:


Density Altitude: feet
Relative Density: %

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Correct your ET and MPH using the DA (Beta Testing)

Density Altitude:

feet above sea level

1/4 mile ET:


1/4 mile trap speed:


Stock and Mildly Modified Naturally Aspirated Engines
9.432 @ 152.87 MPH

Extensively Modified Naturally Aspirated Engines
9.507 @ 151.818 MPH

Extensively Modified Supercharged and Turbocharged Engines
9.541 @ 151.082 MPH