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Boost Gauges

Boost Gauges

Boost GaugesA boost gauge is a dashboard mounted instrument that indicates turbocharger or supercharger boost pressure in an internal combustion engine. A boost gauge is mandatory when boost pressure is being modified to higher levels than OEM standard on a production turbocharged car. Boost gauges will measure pressure in either psi or bar and many also measure manifold vacuum pressure also in inches of mercury.

Boost Gauge Manufacturers

  • Greddy Boost Gauges
    By splitting up the gauge into 3 main parts: (head, datalink & sensor) Greddy can add extra features like a warning point with a warning light, peak recall, and a peak mode.
  • HKS Boost Gauges
    HKS Direct Bright (DB) Meters are new Electro-Luminescent versions of the popular 52mm & 60mm mechanical units that use EL technology to emit a soft-blue illumination for a brilliant illuminating luster to complement their easy to read functionality.
  • Auto Meter Boost Gauges
    Autometer gauges are made entirely in the US utilizing the highest technology for exact precision in fit, finish and accuracy.
  • APEXi Boost Gauges
    Combined with bold markings and illuminated red needles, these gauges are among the easiest to read. Electronic EL Series Meters feature real-time 30-second needle playback, peak-hold, user-specified warning functions, and a warning signal output.

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