Chevy 250 Inline Six

Another look at my Chevy 250 Inline Six with Clifford Intake and Headers, Mild Cam, MSD and Holley 390.

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Vintage Hot Rod Straight 6 [S3 Ep.11-1]
Everybody knows that the engine is a central key component to ANY Hot Rod project. But is a V8 the only way to go? NO WAY!! Stacey shows you why. He takes a vintage straight six engine that has been sleeping in a crate for almost 40 years and he puts on the right pieces. He shows you why the straight six was a force to be reckoned with in the early days of hot rodding. After that, Stacey jumps into the tips and tricks of how to paint your own true Kandy paint job. If you are into vintage Hot Rods, Kandy paint, and multi-carbs? You don't need to go on a diet... you just need to watch GearZ!!!

250 Chevy six with Holley 4brl.
250 six with a Clifford intake and twin headers and Holley 390. All the tin is powder coated.

250 inline 6 Brockman mellowtones
I go through about everything in the video, any other question please ask down in the comments.

1969 Chevrolet C-10 with a inline 250
1969 Chevrolet C-10 with a inline 250, now with Clifford's Performance set-up 6=8 : aluminum intake, cam, 2 pcs long tube headers, X-pipe, 4 barrel Edelbrock 600 carb and head work (shaved and bigger valves). Running 10:1