Eclipse V6 Supercharger

Eclipse V6 ( 6g75 ) Supercharger First Start. AUTOMOTIVE MOTORSPORT BY ALEX PREPARACOES TEL 11 2669 9378 ou 2669 9386

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Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS Supercharged Stage 2
2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS Supercharged Stage 2. 360whp 290 lbft torque. Completely Stock motor. RIPP Supercharger kit

BPK'S Supercharged Eclipse!!!
BPK'S supercharged Eclipse. BPK Devil Dowg Heads Custom Cams BPK Ported Intake Forged Internals E85 Tune!! RIPP Supercharger Kit! YES WE KNOW ECLIPSE WAS NOT SPELL CHECKED!! HAHAHA

My supercharged 4g eclipse build (part 3) | First start up
Here it is... the time has come for the first start. (Please know that the intake is just chilling there so nothing gets sucked up. The damn Intercooler wasn't fitting right). But at least all the seals are still good.

ripp mods 4g eclipse breaking 400whp at 8 psi
2008 eclipse ripp mods setup supercharged eclipse breaking 400 whp at only 8 psi has a built motor