Eclipse V6 Supercharger

Eclipse V6 ( 6g75 ) Supercharger First Start. AUTOMOTIVE MOTORSPORT BY ALEX PREPARACOES TEL 11 2669 9378 ou 2669 9386

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BPK'S Supercharged Eclipse!!!
BPK'S supercharged Eclipse. BPK Devil Dowg Heads Custom Cams BPK Ported Intake Forged Internals E85 Tune!! RIPP Supercharger Kit! YES WE KNOW ECLIPSE WAS NOT SPELL CHECKED!! HAHAHA

Fenix22 6G75 3G Eclipse GT Turbo Walkaround
Had a few people asking me to get a video of the turbo install so here I am doing exactly that. Precision 5027E turbo .63A/R turbine that came with the Xtech turbo kits back in the day. Small for this engine but gives me a platform to build from.

mitsubishi eclipse gts 2003
my car... a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse GTS, pearl white, with different color LED lights... mi carro... un mitsubishi ecipsse del 2003, blanco perla, con luces LED de distintos colores...

SC Customs Supercharged Eclipse - Tritin Multimedia Video Shoot
Car owned by Sport Compact Customs Video shot and edited by Tritin Multimedia Music by Mystic Realmz Productions