Pinks Twin Turbo Grand National

Pinks All Out- Sonoma, Chris Chow Hit a 8.2 in his twin turbo Grand National by MAXXLIMIT

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Grand National at the first "Pinks All Out"
LSPBC member John N. and Houstonite Ryan M. makes us proud at "Pinks All Out" episode 1. This video has been edited to show only the runs related to the two Buick entrants.

Chris Chow Back at the Track
Chris Chow's Twin turbo SBC Buick. Low Boost shakedown pass.

Chris Chow's TT Grand National
Another low Boost shakedown pass from August 16th, 2008.

Twin Turbo Grand national burnout and fail run
Click for description: This is a Buick Grand National equipped with a twin turbo setup performing a burnout and then attempting to run the 1/4.