Brown Bear Motors Septa 120 Radial Engine

Demonstration at Odoorner Luchtvaartclub (NL) of the Brown Bear Motors Septa 120 7 cylinder 120cc radial engine. Propeller 29x12 5000 rpm. September 3rd 2011. For more information:

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Gernot Bruckmann flies his gian triplane Fokker DR1 65% at the Airshow of MFC-Hurlach 2017 Model Data: Maßstab / Scale: 1/1.5 Spw / Wingspan: 4.8 m (96.5") Engine: Valach 7 Cyl.Radial 820 cc Propeller: 59" Gewicht / Weight: 88 Kg (194 lb) Kit: Bill Hempel Music downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library Artist: Media Right Productions Title: March To Victory

PHOENIX V4 220cc - Self Made Engine
Detlef Kunkel presenting his self made engine at the Warbird Meeting Oberhausen 2017 SORRY FOR THE HEAVY WIND NOISE during the flight. Data: The engine is a V4 construction 4 cylinder 4 stroke with 220 cc with a transmission reduction of 1.7. The shaft power is 25 hp max.. Designed for model aircraft between 30 and 50 kg take-off weight. Prop is a SEP 35-20 three-blade with 3700 - 3800 revolutions. The aircraft was built specifically for this engine testing. It is an approved highdecker with 41 kg take-off weight. The engine cover has been dismantled for test purposes. Music: Music downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library Artist: Silent Partner Title: Solar Flares

Bristol Hercules demonstration
Another demonstration of the very same Bristol Hercules engine as seen before on this channel. This was shot at the Borås airshow in Sweden this summer to the enthusiastic crowd's delight. Sort of an abrubt ending to the clip but nevertheless the sound is even better than in the previous clips so turn it up and enjoy!

Motor de aviación Continental R-670
Descripción del motor mediante un trabajo efectuado por Joan Soler Mas. Es la versión 2 que mejora la primera y se destina a "DEMO". La versión 3 será comercializada con mayor detalle y perfección. Ver datos de Joan Soler al termino del video. Más información en