Brown Bear Motors Septa 120 Radial Engine

Demonstration at Odoorner Luchtvaartclub (NL) of the Brown Bear Motors Septa 120 7 cylinder 120cc radial engine. Propeller 29x12 5000 rpm. September 3rd 2011. For more information:

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PHOENIX V4 220cc - Self Made Engine
Detlef Kunkel presenting his self made engine at the Warbird Meeting Oberhausen 2017 SORRY FOR THE HEAVY WIND NOISE during the flight. Data: The engine is a V4 construction 4 cylinder 4 stroke with 220 cc with a transmission reduction of 1.7. The shaft power is 25 hp max.. Designed for model aircraft between 30 and 50 kg take-off weight. Prop is a SEP 35-20 three-blade with 3700 - 3800 revolutions. The aircraft was built specifically for this engine testing. It is an approved highdecker with 41 kg take-off weight. The engine cover has been dismantled for test purposes. Music: Music downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library Artist: Silent Partner Title: Solar Flares

Radial Solenoid Engine
Jeffrey Weng & Connor Lee's Radial Solenoid Engine Build University of Washington ME 230 Final Project Music credit: Nomadic Firs - Cover Bombs (Odesza Edit) by Odesza

Assembling - Teching Single Cylinder Engine Model Full Aluminium
Teching Single Cylinder Engine Model Full Aluminium Alloy Collection - You can get here: - Thanks for watching, Have a great day !

Motor de aviación Continental R-670
Descripción del motor mediante un trabajo efectuado por Joan Soler Mas. Es la versión 2 que mejora la primera y se destina a "DEMO". La versión 3 será comercializada con mayor detalle y perfección. Ver datos de Joan Soler al termino del video. Más información en