Brown Bear Motors Septa 120 Radial Engine

Demonstration at Odoorner Luchtvaartclub (NL) of the Brown Bear Motors Septa 120 7 cylinder 120cc radial engine. Propeller 29x12 5000 rpm. September 3rd 2011. For more information:

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Saito 60cc 3-Cylinder Gas Radial The full review has more details such as pricing

Bristol Hercules demonstration
Another demonstration of the very same Bristol Hercules engine as seen before on this channel. This was shot at the Borås airshow in Sweden this summer to the enthusiastic crowd's delight. Sort of an abrubt ending to the clip but nevertheless the sound is even better than in the previous clips so turn it up and enjoy!

Radial Solenoid Engine
Jeffrey Weng & Connor Lee's Radial Solenoid Engine Build University of Washington ME 230 Final Project Music credit: Nomadic Firs - Cover Bombs (Odesza Edit) by Odesza

2 x 400 ccm Moki radial engine test for B25 Mitchell RC model plane
Testlauf der beiden Motoren für eine B25 Mitchell mit 6,85m Spannweite. 2 x 400ccm Moki-Sternmotor - Luftschrauben in 42x10" by "Seidel Props"