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Homemade three point hitch

this is the homemade three point hitch i built for my bolens1050. Im weighting for my 2 linear actuators to come.


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ATV 3 point hitch plow and disc system
My homemade 3- point hitch setup using a winch for powering the down force. 1 st. video was the ripper taking out tree roots.That was the very first vidoe I made. 2nd video is with all the modificatons I have made over the years.I was working in some lime for a food plot. 3 ed video I was using just the ripper blade in some hard ground.If you look close you can see we have a a lot of rock in this field . 4 th video fresh cut field .we were putting in a new food plot. 5 &6 th video some close up shots I wanted something compact , work on my Kodiak 450, and use my winch to power it. If there is enough interest in how I made this attachment and what I hade to overcome during the build .I may make up a set of how to video's and drawings for this attachment.

Homemade Case 222 Three point hitch
Sorry for the clutter in my little shop but I was asked to do a video on my 3pt that I made for my little Case tractor so here you go! Tell me what you guys think. Heres a link to a thread I made while I was in the process of making the hitch. http://www.mytractorforum.com/showthread.php?t=236126 http://www.mytractorforum.com/showthread.php?t=238966

MTD 990 3 point hitch adapter
made this for a fella from MyTractorForums. real beefy ! should last generations.

UTV Hitchworks - Farmboy 3-point hitch removal and installation for Kubota RTV 900s, 1100s and 1140s
UTVHitchworks.com - In this video we demonstrate how quick and easy the installation of the Farmboy 3-point hitch is on any Kubota RTV 900, 100 or 1140. For more information contact your local Kubota dealer or distributor or visit us at www.utvhitchworks.com.

hemmabyggd 3-punktslyft på gräsklipparen home-built three-point hitch on the mower
Den h�r videon har lagts upp fr�n en Android-telefon.

Cub Cultivating spuds!
This is a homemade cultivator and 3-point hitch that I made to work in our big garden with!

3 Point Hitch Overview
An Overview of a Tractors 3 Point Hitch

Home made lawn garden tractor cultivators drags 3pt hitch equipment
These are some home made cultivators I've accumulated over the years. First is built to work behind a tube frame Bolens lawn tractor. Uses the same lift bar as a roto tiller or other rear mounted Bolens tools. Second is an old horse drawn spike harrow with the handles removed and a 3pt hitch fabricated on the front. Works well behind a Sears garden tractor with the 3pt hitch. Third is a cultivator that might be for the slot hitch of a Wheel Horse garden tractor. Not positive on that one. I have a set of depth wheels from a tiller laying against the rear. I'll be welding up a bracket to hold them and to adjust the depth. Last is a home made 3pt hitch spike drag. It's made from heavy angle iron with a bunch of heavy bolts welded to the back.

John Deere 318 garden tractor with rear hydraulics
I installed rear hydraulics on my 318 with quick connectors under the seat pan. Then I customized my cat 0 scrape blade to turn side to side so I wouldn't have to keep getting off the tractor to set the blade.I also made the 3 point where it would have down pressure. A lot of work and $ for such a simple operation. I'm building a hydraulic dump trailer next.

snow plowing feb 12 dodge ram 2500
snow plowing feb 12 with the dodge ram 2500

Homemade ATV 3 Point Hitch
I made most of this hitch from scratch except the lift arms and top link. I uploaded the video to show how much ground clearance it has and how easily it goes up and down.

Home made MTD 990 3pt hitch and home made box blade
My home made 3 point hitch for my

Hitch 'N Plow™ 3-pt Hitch Adapter for SUV's, ATV's, & UTV's.
Patented 3-point hitch adapter that allows the attachment of category 1 farm implements such as grader blades, box blades or landscape rakes to a truck, SUV, ATV or UTV. Why buy a compact tractor when all you need is a Hitch 'N Plow. The adapter has been licensed to Swisher Inc (www.swisherinc.com) and is being manufactured and sold under Swisher part #14007 (adapter assy w/o winch). I have a listing on EBAY for the complete assembly with winch for $250 and without winch for $150. Just search "Hitch 'N Plow" on ebay. Category 1 farm implements can be purchased from TSC or other local farm supply stores. A 6' blade sells for about $250 so for about $500 you have a low cost snow plow that works great. Some implements won't work such as Land Pride blades because their base is too large and won't allow it to pivot without contacting the adapter so check the clearance before purchasing a blade. Also don't use with blades that weight more than 500lbs. Not designed to be used in reverse (to push snow) because if it bites into the ground it can overload the winch cable causing damage to the Hitch 'N Plow or vehicle. Email me if you have any other questions: bob@schmidtproducts.com.

Bolens st110 homemade three point hitch.
This is the 3 point hitch and 2 attachments i made out of scrap for my bolens st110. Leave a comment and thanks for watching. Sander.

Kolpin 3-Point Hitch System
Trick Your ATV or Utility Vehicle Into Thinking It's a Tractor With the Kolpin® DirtWorks™ System. No matter what the project or task, the Kolpin® DirtWorks™ 3-Point Hitch System will transform your ATV or UTV into a workhorse tractor. The easy-to-mount system requires a 2" receiver hitch and the Electric Actuating System not only offers adjustable lift, but provides incredible downforce for the toughest jobs. One pull of a pin and you can go from working the back forty to enjoying a forty mile trail ride. Nice Trick.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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