Homemade three point hitch

this is the homemade three point hitch i built for my bolens1050. Im weighting for my 2 linear actuators to come.

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Rascal 3-Point Option - For ATVs & 3-point Tractors
WEBSITE: http://www.ABIrascal.com | CALL: 877.788.7253 The ATV tool that is also a 3-point tool. With the ever expanding popularity of the sub-compact and mid-compact tractor market, ABI is proud to offer a 3-point option that converts the standard Rascal for ATVs and UTVs into the ultimate 3-point tool for small tractors. As most experienced land owners know, 3-point tools are more efficient and effective than pull behind tools. Now Rascal owners, that also own the 3-point option, have the choice between the convenience of a pull behind tool or the efficiency of a 3 - point tool all in one piece of equipment. Perhaps the most innovative aspect of this option is that in under 1 minute the user may swap between a pull behind tool for ATVs or a 3-point tool for tractors with no tools required. This amazing versatility for one tool to work with both ATVs and tractors is ideal for land owners that prefer to use a different tow vehicle for varying jobs. The Rascal 3-Point option brings Profile Blade Technology, ripper teeth and a pivoting finishing and grading rake to the small tractor market at an affordable price. This option fits existing Rascal models that have a removable tow bar tongue. Compatible with both category 0 and 1 3-point hitch types for tractors under 35 horse power.

Build Your Own 3 Pt. Hitch Attachments, Disc Hillers, Cultivators, Furrowers and More!
Build Your Own 3 Pt. Hitch Attachments, Disc Hillers, Cultivators, Furrowers and More! One Hitch ~ Many Implements! Use the Woodward Crossings Country Basics 3 Pt. Hitch, add a 2 x 2 toolbar and pic and choose the options and attachments you desire. Call it what you want: A row hipper or disc hiller, a furrower or middlebuster, an S-tine or Danish tine—what really matters is that you can build your own implement in just minutes. Think about all the garage space that you will save when you have one hitch -- that will work with many attachments. And better yet, think of all the money you will save! One Hitch -- So Many Options! Visit the Woodward Crossings Country Basics.com website for many more options and detailed info on available selections

Land Tamer with 3 point hitch
Land Tamer RAV with 3 point hitch, Class 1 with hydralic lift system and 540 RPM PTO. This system can be attached on the front or the rear of the Land Tamer RAV. Allows for snow blower, winch, snow blade, and other accessories to be attached.

Wheel Horse 312-8 Home made Harrow/Ripper Testing.
Howdo all, I've been digging through my Wheel Horse video's and found some old one's I thought you might like to see.. This video is of testing a home made Harrow/Ripper on the back of my trusty Wheel Horse 312-8. Once again, another old non HD vid. Hope you enjoy the vid, thanks for watching and subscribing. Opening title music.. Feelin good - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/