OM606 Injection pump overview.

Highlighting the differences between the mechanical injection pump and the electronic pump.

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Mercedes Diesel Injection Pump Delivery Valves Leak Repair
How I Repair Leak from Injection Pump Delivery Valves

OM606 with mechanical injection pump first start

mercedes 3.0 turbo diesel
first start after reconditioning.Raf's engine repairs -polish garage in England.

W210 OM606 Cylinder Head Removal at 214,000 miles
Want to know what an OM606 looks like at 214,000 miles? I did too, I just didn't want to have to find out so soon and in this way. Glow plugs number 1 and number 6 were broken off because of carbon build-up. I successfully used the drilling, tapping and extracting method on glow plug number 1, but was not as lucky with number 6. I took the cylinder head off to remove the broken glow plug and sent the head into a machine shop for a re-build.