1938 Evinrude Elto Ace Antique Outboard

1938 Evinrude Elto Ace #4256. Still Running!

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How to test for spark in an antique outboard motor
This tutorial will explain a good way to answer the question "does my motor have a good ignition system?"

March 16th Elto Ace
1938 Elto

1939 Evinrude ELTO CUB 1/2HP &1937 ELTO PAL 0.9 outboard motor
1939 to 1941 elto cub sr# 4264

1937 Waterwitch, running
After years gathering dust in an Ohio barn, this art deco outboard was tuned up and run in the Fox River in October, 2011. Thanks to www.waterwitch.net for info about these great motors.