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Deltic engine start at Barrow Hill

deltic engine start at Barrow Hill in January 2007


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D9000 & "The Deltic Deliverance" - 30th November 1996
Certainly a day to remember, but for the wrong reasons. After years of waiting, a Deltic returned to the main line! What a day! The long haul by 86 from Kings Cross at daft o'clock, the joy of seeing D9000 tie on the stock at Edinburgh Waverley, the smell of the Exhaust filling the coach through the many open windows as the train accelerated through one of the Calton tunnels, the thrill of experiencing passenger haulage behind a Deltic at speed again, then the shared disappointment when it all came to a grinding halt at Berwick upon Tweed. NB: In the video some of the audio has been suppressed due to wind noise and extreme profanity and views expressed by some of the upset travelers.

UK diesel locomotive compilation 2010-2013 - With Deltics, Westerns & Warships + many more
Firstly i must apologise my first attempt at uploading this video last night, i forgot to watch it back and didn't relalise i had some technical difficulties with it. So i had to upload it again. So my sincere apologies to the people who commented or put a like on the old one. Hopefully these problems have now been eradicated. On to the video it is a compilation video of all things diesel in the last three years. Every year i always seem to upload a compilation video on steam but never diesel. Since i have acquired a lot of footage of varying different classes of diesel locomotive. I thought i would create this video. I have included this weekends railtour involving D1015 Western Champion, where i captured hear arrivng and departing out of Birmingham New Street with the Maybach Meanderer. All the clips you see are either from the mainline, with locos hauling either railtours, Empty coaching stock, light engine movements or freight trains. A vast amount of footage comes from heritage railways, including the Severn Valley railway, East Lancashire railway, West Somerset railway and the Great Central railway. The list of locomotives on this video are: Class 20 D8188, 20308, 30312 Class 26 26007, D5310 Class 27 D5401 Class 31 D5830, 31190, 31601 Class 35 D7076, D7017 Class 37 37069, 37087,37109, 37419, 37510, 37601 37608, 37706, 37901 Class 40 40145, D335 Class 42 D821, D832 Class 45 45060, 45133 Class 47 47739, 47760, D1755, 47786, 47790, 47832 Class 50 50015, 50026, D444 Class 52 D1010, D1015, D1062 Class 55 55002, D9009, 55022 Class 56 56094, 56097, 56312 I hope you enjoy my compilation video, don't forget to check out my steam compilation of the year or to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already done so. To all the people who give me superb feedback on my videos on a regular basis, a big thank you is in order. I am very grateful for all the comments and likes I receive on my videos, and was a great pleasure in meeting some of you during the course of the year. Until 2014 I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Deltic Diesel
Pathe Pictorial film about the introduction of the Deltics on the East Coast Mainline.

Class 37003 restarting after some winter prep work
37003 restarting on a cold day after a months standing, shows the difference a cold day makes to a 12csvt, even a bit of flame! Join us at http://www.c37lg.co.uk/

37419 Trying it's best to start in very cold conditions on the 8th February 2007 at Old Oak Common Depot LONDON UK. The temperature on this date was -01c - 30.21F . The power unit is clearly COLD hence the reason it is struggling to start.It does start once the cylinder temperature rises around the 1:12 min mark. So,Please, Please stop telling us all how cold it is in your country this video is not about that.All comments made about how cold it is in your country will be deleted,we are not interested.Thanks. "One Million hits" thank you all for the views.

A look in the engine room of Deltic 55022 at the East Lancs Railway as the mic is maxed out
A look in the engine room of Deltic 55022 at the East Lancs Railway


Baby Deltic engine start after revised coolant system installed
The first start of the engine after the coolant system has been modified to work with a Serck hydrostatic system. Answers on a postard to the follwing questions; 1) What's the bell?, 2) Why does the engine pick up in two stages?, 3) Why does it shut down again? No prizes and no flippancy! infoATthebabydelticproject.co.uk

A look back In time the Deltic's
Another archive series focusing this time on the class55 Deltic's

40145 Cold Start
Dave Peacock starts 40145 up in cold conditions, in readiness for a loco shunt. Both 40145 and 50015 were moved to Buckley Wells, where 40145 was inspected and cleared for running on the East Lancs Ambassador railtour, involving two class 40s along the length of the ELR, followed by a non-stop run to Edinburgh with 40145. A video showing the loco move will be available shortly...

1975 Mercedes Benz 300D EXTREME -20F Cold Start Winter W115 OM617
(Temp -19F) ((Look at my new cold start video, all the bugs are fixed)) I only paid 300 dollars for it, the guy thought it had a blown engine, but it turned out the timing on the injector pump was way off. I ended up taking the injector pump off and putting it on the right teeth, and doing the drip test, and etc. It has rolled over twice now, it has finally just broke in at around 230,000 miles. It runs great and I put about 45 miles a day on it. Best diesel ever made in my opinion. Keep in mind it is VERY cold sometimes in North Idaho, and this afternoon it was a cold day, and it finally started. It starts way better in 30 degrees and up weather! :-)

Class 20 smokey start up
British Rail Class 20 Diesel locomotive no. 20118 (D8118) 'Saltburn-by-the-Sea' makes a very smokey start up scene at Buckfastleigh, on a cold November 7th 2009.

Cold Start Diesel Locomotive No. 40135 on The East Lancashire Railway December 2001
Cold Start Diesel Locomotive 40135 Dec 2001 England

Deltic D9019 Gordon Highlander - GCR Diesel Gala
British Rail Co-Co Diesel Electric Class 55 Deltic No. D9019 Gordon Highlander was the Great Central Railways guest locomotive for their Diesel Gala held from the 29th - 30th March 2014 but all didn't go to plan. The day started with an elictrical fault on class 33 116 causing delays of around 40 minutes. The the biggest blow to the day was the failure of the Deltic. D9019 suffered an oil leak and as class 55's need thicker oil then other diesels to run; GCR had no oil for the Deltic meaning it only ran on two runs out of Loughborough: one TPO run and one passenger service. This video features D9019 Gordon Highlander's only two runs on Saturday and a clip of 37198 at Woodthorpe. The Deltic should be back to running condition for day 2 of the gala tomorrow as suitable oil has now been collected. Thanks for Watching Filmed & Edited by Sam Bailey SATM.2014

BR 37372 with Baby Deltic engine!
Former BR 37372 now hosts a Baby Deltic 9 clyinder engine (T9-29) for show purposes at Barrow Hill depot

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