Deltic engine start at Barrow Hill

deltic engine start at Barrow Hill in January 2007

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World's Greatest Locomotives... The Deltic
THE DELTIC: English Electric DP 1(1955) & Class 55 (1961) Featuring Chris Barrie at the controls of a Class 55, this is the story of the landmark locomotive that used an extraordinary engine to revolutionise rail travel. First developed for post-war speedboats, the amazing "opposed piston" Napier Deltic engine brilliantly overcame the fatal flaw of diesel engines at the time. They were efficient but had very poor power to weight ratio. In triangular or "deltic formation" 3 pairs of pistons each share a cylinder, pushing against each other ... and so "opposed". Despite needing three crankshafts this system created much more power for much less weight The Class 55 uses two 18 cylinder engines for a total power of 3,300 horsepower and speeds topping 100 miles an hour - making this a match for the most steam locomotives and much cheaper to run... steam was doomed. WHAT MAKES IT GREAT… without doubt that brilliant rethinking of the piston engine THE EXPERTS... Find out more at the Deltic Preservation Society Subscribe now for more beautifully produced Engine Porn! Like us on Facebook Twitter Instagram: ENGINE_PRN Vine: Engine Porn

Deltic start up
Class 55 deltic "Alycidon" fires up at the Great Central railway on the 21/08/2010

Deltic Twin Engine Start Up at Fishguard Harbour for the Western Wales Explorer
55022 starts up both Napier Engines in readiness to carry on working 1Z51 14:30 ROBESTON to CREWE. Whilst everybody decides at last minute to get their souvenir photos, I took a walk around the train to produce some study shots of the coaching stock used, and the EWS Livery Class 66 operated by DB Schenker. Included in this video are two shots of lorries using the port to show how close we were to the heart of operations. More videos from this trip coming shortly. Please also see the uploads by Robmasterman (Wales) & MG06ZT (Lickey Incline area) Please note the droaning sound you may hear from time to time was a fire engine filling the trains water tanks.

37419 Trying it's best to start in very cold conditions on the 8th February 2007 at Old Oak Common Depot LONDON UK. The power unit is clearly COLD hence the reason it is struggling to start.It does start once the cylinder temperature rises around the 1:12 min mark. So,Please, Please stop telling us all how cold it is in your country this video is not about that.All comments made about how cold it is in your country will be deleted,we are not interested.Thanks. "Three Million hits" thank you all for the views.