R&L Engines 8BA Ford flathead on dyno

R&L Engines of Dover, NH built Ford 8BA flathead on Dyno. This engine produced 201.4 hp 266.1 lb/ft of torque during this pull.

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286 supercharged Ford flathead on dyno
306 hp at 5200 rpm

Flathead Ford, mother thumper, 276"
276" flathead, merc crank, Wilson & Woods cylinder heads, comp cams mother thumper cam, 9.7:1 compression

Don't Waste Money on a Flathead | Velocity Stack
One of the most iconic motors in hot rodding is actually a terrible engine. The Ford flathead V8 became infamous for oil consumption, overheating and eventually cracking. This made legends out of anyone who squeezed significant horsepower out of them. How to Fix a Flooded Flathead Engine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GLWuCpNhfw How to Find Top Dead Center on a Four Stroke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8H54pKeNEc Subscribe to Velocity: http://bit.ly/SubscribeVelocity

Sehr Performance Machine / 252 Mercury Flathead V8.wmv
We build a lot of different engines from all different manufacturers for most any application, but this one was especially fun. It's a 252cid Mercury flathead that is pretty much a stock build except for a little bit of cam to take advantage of the two barrel carburator and intake that our customer wanted to add instead of the single barrel. This is going into his wife's car so he wanted to keep it civilized. It maxed out at 158 hp @ 3600rpm and 232 lb ft of torque @ 3500rpm.