LS Jeep JK 5.3 vs 6.2

Compare a 5.3 and 6.3 litre Chevy engine in a Jeep JK.

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RpmExtreme 5.3 LS JK VS. 3.6 Sprintex JK
RpmExtreme 5.3 LS JK VS. 3.6 Sprintex JK

MoTech Gen V 6.2 LS JK test drive
Test drive of the new Gen V L86 LS engine in a 4 door JK. This engine has direct injection, continuous VVT, high compression and 4 cylinder mode.

JK LS 5.3
Test drive 5.3 litre JK LS

Episode 1 - WRANGLER REPOWER - Smog-legal Engine Swap
RESQ1 - Ep 1: "Meet the Passion; Meet the Project" Discount Tire and Jp magazine collaborate to build an off-road vehicle at Off Road Evolution that can be driven by any man, to help every man, out on the trails. In this first episode of RESQ1, we learn that Mel Wade of Off Road Evolution, Christian Hazel of JP Magazine, and Discount Tire have teamed up to build the ultimate recovery vehicle for off-road drivers everywhere. First stop is Turn Key Engine Supply in Oceanside, CA, where owner Kolby Enger begins the impressive process of replacing the Jeep's original engine with one of tremendous power and performance. Will everything go smoothly? Find out when The Passion Meets The Project. Produced by Bradford Alicea, Seth Harden, and Allison Meriwether.