Kawasaki ZX-14 ZX1400

友人のワトソンさんが盆休みに涼みに来てくれました、 プレゼントありがとうございます、 久しぶりの撮影になりました、 かなりレベルアップしてます、 Kawasaki, and Zettozettoarl) manufactures by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in 2006, and is a large-scale automatic ..ZZR1400 (.. two-wheeled vehicle of the ZZR series of four strokes 1352cc (motorcycle) for the export market that sells it. The North America specification is named ZX-14. Outline It is a model that becomes the succession of ZZR1200 and ZX-12R. It was developed aiming at a car at the velocity of the world on the market as well as ZZR1100 and ZX-12R that took the strongest name. It is classified from there is ABS specification car while ZX-12R's introducing oneself highest super-sports in the 20th century and having appeared, too into mega-sports with the sea bass and the GSX1300R falcon, etc. in a Japanese market. It is classified into super-sports in the North America market. Four 1352cc water-cooled parallel cylinder engine is installed in a newly developed monocoque frame. The first restyling in the expression is done for 08 years and three Euro restrictions are clear. The power-up was done to 180ps→190ps as for a Malaysian specification that max power was reimported now and circulated to 190ps→193ps chiefly in Japan in North America and a European specification, too. Moreover, the setting has been reviewed for 08 years in the expression though it was an engine output characteristic with a slow response to open times of the accelerator of the low rotation. All with catalyst. Output 203ps when the ram air of the expression vehicle for 08 years is pressurized is a background of the development that is the highest output in the motorcycle being marketed now. Kawasaki turns on ZX-12R to recapture the seat of the velocity machine lost by the appearance of HONDA CBR1100XX super-blackbird and sea bass GSX1300R falcon in 2000. ZZR prepares ZZR1200 that changes the route to Zarah inclined to it according to restyling, and takes the system of two the top. However, the speed limiter of 300 km/h restriction is standardized worldwide than 2001, and the significance of existence of No.1 in the velocity machine category has been lost. Moreover, there was the one with loud voice to request a legitimate succession model of ZZR1100 to make an overwhelming performance united to a comfortable high-speed cruise. Haispedotsarar and ZZR1400 of combatted form that threw away the mildness of the strongest spec in the world and ZZR1200 to answer this in 2006 are put on the market. Edit feature There is a user who feels the getting on easiness in low speed and the low rotation not have power, too. It seems that engine with a difficult treatment and "Difficult machine" a little an initial type of ZX-12R also influence. The engine characteristic of the GP machine heirloom to which the engine brake doesn't hang so much makes the high rotation keep gentler in the user who uses the power band regularly.

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Kawasaki ZX-10R 2006 06 Ninja
今日お初です、 SSバイクばかりで遊びに来てくれました、 またこれからもよろしくね、 Kawasaki ninja ZX-10R (Ninjazettoeccsuten'arl) is a large-scale automatic operation two wheels of four strokes 998cc (motorcycle) that Kawasaki Heavy Industries manufactures and is putting on the market for the export market. Outline It was announced as a succession of ZX-9R who was the super-sports model of 1000cc class of Kawasaki till then in 2004. To correspond to combination (A lot of Malaysian specifications imported by 172kg/175ps and Japan are →164 horsepower to which some power has been downed by Exhaust emissions regulations and the noise regulation) hard breaking, the backing torque limiter of MotoGP participation machine ZX-RR transfer is equipped with the body and the engine so that the power weight ratio may cut 1kg/ps for the first time as a car general and on the market. It is remarkable as the model of a suitable threat for the vehicle of four large manufacturer end departure in 1000cc super-sports class, and in the trial of the magazine and the journalist participation of the main each country participation, it is pointed out that the high reputation value and the good record are put and the adjustment of the detail doesn't boil down, and it is also true that rider's capability was often evaluated as a necessary model to get on and to digest. ZX-10R was a muffler of an orthodox type while both of CBR1000RR that had debuted in YZF-R1 and the same year when FMC had been done in 2004 central improvement mufflers had been adopted. It is said that the purpose of this is to lighten. The former model's reflection or the overall balance is considered though it was restyled in 2 006. * Review of engine (twice velocity generator abolition and crank mass 40% increase, etc.) * Complete improvement of chassis (Become a short as not seeming liter ss it called the swing arm shortening and result 1395mm according to the review of the frame rigidity balance, the caster angle review, and it wheelbase). * Adoption of brake master cylinder of new shape (Change from an existing horizontal to a radial pump). * Adoption of projector headlight * Adoption of central improvement muffler It was chiefly changed. Taking Ts easiness to come basically became a model where flexibility was had both compared with the model it for the result and 2004.2005 years, was established of the impression that word of mouth said that it was inferior, and the total balance low also waited for the aspect and the threshold is high compared with the domestic production and others manufacturer, and fighting hard was compelled for the sales side. It is incontrovertible to take the delay a little compared with the rival car that has been improved for the balance on the street every year. However, after the model 2006, the actual horse-power is considerably improved often the thing won oppositely by reviewing the setting of the suspension of the total balance that touches the above-mentioned in the catalog value output though it is lower than the domestic production and others manufacturer.

Kawasaki GPz750 750 カワサキ
香川県から来てくれました、 ありがとうございます、 Kawasaki GPz750 (1983) & GPz1100 (1983) 1972 年のZ1から熟成につぐ熟成を重ね、数々の名声とレー スフィールドにおけるタイトルを獲得してきたZシリー ズの空冷4気筒エンジンですが、いよいよ 1983年にその最終形を迎えます。GPz750/1100が販売された198 3年には既に新たなカワサキのフラッグシップモデルた GPz-Rシリーズが発表されていたのですが、GPz750/1 100の構成を見ればこれらがRシリーズ販売までの場つな ぎ的なモデルとかではなく、カワサキが伝統ある空冷Z シリーズの最後を飾るにふさわしいモデルを造ろうとし て誕生したモデルである事が見て取れます。外装はそれ までのZシリーズの角張ったものとは異なる流麗なもの が与えられ、車体周りにもアンチノーズダイブシステム を備えたフロントフォークやモノショック形式のリアサ スペンションなど大幅な印新が図られます。GPz75 0はこの年から排気量制限を750ccに変更されたAMAの ーパーバイククラスにおいてウェイン・レイニーのラ ディングにより1981 年1982年のエディーローソンのシリーズタイトルに続く ワサキの3連覇を獲得します。 engine type: air-cooled DOHC 2valve inline-four 738cc max power: 72/9500 [ps/rpm] max torque: 6.3/7500 [kg-m/rpm] transmission: 5-speed dryweight: 217 [kg] tire-front: 110/90-18 tire-rear: 130/80-18 Come from Kagawa Prefecture, and thank you. Kawasaki GPz750 (1983) & GPz1100 (1983) Ripening succeeded from Z1 in 1972 to ripening is done repeatedly, and the final type is faced finally in 1983 though it is four air cooling cylinder engine of Z series that has acquired a lot of fame and the titles in the race field. Flagship model barrel GPz? of new Kawasaki in 1983 when GPz750/1100 was sold already. The thing who is the model who was born as it tries to make the model that these are suitable for the decoration of not a model place liaison until selling R series but Kawasaki of the end of air cooling Z series with the tradition if the composition of GPz750/1100 is seen can be perceived though R series was announced. The elegant different one one that Z series till then was squarish is given as for the exterior, and a great new sign such as front forks that have Antinorzdaibshistem and rear suspensions of the mono-shock form is attempted also by the body surroundings. GPz750 acquires 3rd straight victory of Kawasaki following the series title of Eddie Lawson in 1982 1981 by Weyne Rainy's riding in the superbike class of AMA that the displacement limitation is changed from this age to 750cc. engine type: air-cooled DOHC 2valve inline-four 738cc max power: 72/9500 [ps/rpm] max torque: 6.3/7500 [kg-m/rpm] transmission: 5-speed dryweight: 217 [kg] tire-front: 110/90-18 tire-rear: 130/80-18

YAMAHA SRV250 マイミクPapillionさん
SRV250・ルネッサ SRV250 (ウインカーは社外品) SRV250 (ウインカーは社外品) SRV250は1992年に発売された、外装をレトロ調にアレンジ たビンテージ風車種。エンジンはビラーゴの空冷V型2気 筒を流用していたが、ツインキャブなどの採用により、 23PS/8000rpmから27PS/8500rpmへと若干のパワーアップを果たし ている。後にタンクのカラーリングを変更、メーターバ イザーなどを装着したSRV250Sや、センタースタンドや大 のリアキャリアを装備したSRV250Tというビジネスユース 目的としたモデルも発売された。 1996年にはルネッサという派生車種も発売されたが、ど らも長期の販売を目指して製造された車種であったに かかわらず、販売台数の伸び悩みと各種規制の強化に り生産終了となった。 [編集] ロードボンバー・プロジェクト そもそもの発端となった「ロードボンバー」は、「バイ クはパワーじゃない、操縦性だ!」というコンセプトを 証すべく、SRが発売された1978年に鈴鹿8時間耐久ロード ースへエントリーした。なみいる4気筒のハイパワーマ シンや当時はまだそれなりの勢力だった2ストローク大 気量車の中で勝算はまったくないと思われ「よせばい のに」という声まで上がった。しかしこの非力な単気 のバイクは、それらの車に伍してステディに走り、結 8位に入賞してしまった。 「非力ではあるかもしれないが、軽量で操縦性が良いバ イク」は、SRの誕生とロードボンバーの鈴鹿8耐での入賞 から、ひとつの時代を築き始めることとなった。「こん なバイクがほしい」というユーザ側の願いがトレンドを 築いた事例として、ロードボンバーとSRの物語は、日本 バイク史の中で特筆すべきものであろう。 SRV250 Lnessa SRV250 (The winker is goods outside the company) SRV250. (The winker is goods outside the company. ) SRV250 is a vintage pinwheel kind that arranges the exterior to the retro-style put on the market in 1992. 27PS/8500rpm and some power-ups are accomplished from 23PS/8000rpm by the adoption in twin pots etc. though the engine misappropriated two air cooling V type cylinders of the Virago. The model to aim at the business youth named SRV250T equipped with SRV250S, a central stand where coloring of the tank was changed to the back, and meter visor etc. were installed, and a large-scale rear career was put on the market. It became a production end by strengthening stagnation and various restrictions about numbers of sales though the derivation model named Lnessa was put on the market in 1996 though it was a model manufactured aiming at both long-term sales. Edit loading Bonn bar project To begin with, it entered it to the endurance road racing of 8 hours in Suzuka in 1978 when SR was put on the market so that it may drink and "Loading Bonn bar" that had become the beginning may prove the concept "The motorcycle is manoeuverability that was not power". The chance of success ..being seemed.. went up to the voice "Only have to stop it" in two stroke large displacement car that was still moderate power if it was not at all the high-power machine and at that time of four cylinders. The motorcycle of this incompetent single cylinder keeps up with those cars and wins the steadiness, and however, it runs, and the result has won the eighth place. "Motorcycle that it was light and manoeuverability is good though it might be incompetent" came to begin to build one age from the birth of SR and Suzuka 8 winning a prize of the loading Bonn bar. As the case where the wish for the user side "It wants such a motorcycle" built the trend, the story of the loading Bonn bar and SR might be the one that it is necessary to make a special mention in the history of the motorcycle of Japan.

A prototype 試作機 KAWASAKI kawasakiworld  ZZR-X
Project that bears Kawasaki after ten years Kawasaki challenges always newly. Oh dear, I want everybody to feel Kawasaki challenged in the shape visible this time more concretely though it is a natural thing. Thus, the concept model's project started. As for Kawasaki, I especially think the thing that super-sports and sports Zarah of a large displacement are imagined in an image different for a moment from domestic Mr. another three companies in everybody in Japan. What one can the challenge of Kawasaki in the concept model who announces this time be able to propose to everybody as Kawasaki by you when pursuing it at the same time as Kon futuristic before about ten years is assumed, and this two character doesn't compromise?It is a result of the gathering of a young generation who bears the Kawasaki in the future and the negotiation on countless occasions. It is ZZR-X of "Ultorahaispedotsarar". The design is advanced as much as possible after a rough theme is decided and the project has been advanced to priority. I wanted to differ from the mass production car because it was a place where a new challenge was able to be done as a designer and to reduce the restriction as much as possible. Moreover, this point is a thing that American's local designer attempted doing making to international as for an original design idea. It ..current shape.. completed repeating the discussion with the designer in Akashi based on it. Naturally, a local designer also came to Japan and it talked very hard in Akashi. A hot discussion continued because the idea was also slightly different if the country was different. I think that you may mutually become good stimulation. Hereafter, will not this tendency continue even to the development of the marketed model? Air management that uses aeromechanics "Air management" is an important key that enables of each though three modes "Haispedotsararmord" and "Zarah mode" and "Sports mode" are enabled in this model. There is a problem on the regulation in each country for the horsepower, too and fruitlessly requesting only the horsepower improvement will become difficult in the future. Then, it is necessary to improve aerodynamic to run environment friendly, gently also to the rider, and fast though it is actually still so. This is called "Air management". It is DNA that has been succeeded from the ZZR series though the aeromechanics of the Kawasaki forte has been used. This DNA might pursue the air management of the speed and gentleness. It sprinkles intensively of the opening and shutting flap and the mass that can be operated responding at improved conic type disk plate and speed as the mode change function and the cooling effect corresponding to running are rapid and the challenge is sprinkled at ..turning.. center of the body in which it contributes to stored fuel tank and muffler with built-in Cowling, etc. new. Ultimate "Haispedotsarar" ZZR-X. It is a concept model of the Kawasaki that appears after a long time. It must come to the hall of Tokyo Motor Show by all means and I must feel the challenge of Kawasaki.