Coolant Pressure / "Head Gasket" Test on a 6.0L Powerstroke

***PLEASE READ THIS!*** This test can help determine if your 6.0L (or any other engine really) has a blown head gasket. However, on a 6.0L it can also help determine OTHER issues as well, such as a bad EGR cooler, or in my case - it lead to diagnosing a bad OIL cooler! In order to distinguish between a head gasket and an EGR issue, you have to take into account OTHER symptoms, such as coolant loss, smoke, and oil condition. Overall PRESSURE is really NOT the problem! It's how QUICKLY it gets there! Your ove, this is NORMAL - especially if pulling a trailer or climbing a long grade. Overall pressure can climb to 15+psi simply due to combination of a full or overfilled system, and high (but normal) coolant temperature. Too much temperature and you will overpressure the system and overheat if you push it far enough! More videos to come!

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steps that I use every day to determine if a truck has headgasket issues or EGR cooler failure.

head gasket test on 6.0L diesel
you all know i put a lot of time and effort into making frig loads of videos for you so im asking you for some help in finding the right parts from the right place at the right price. the only things done to the truck are the bypassed egr cooler and valve and the 4" turbo back strait pipe Exhaust. thanks for your help

Powerstoke 6.0 Coolant pressure gauge build install blown head gasket check test
In my last video I testing my degas bottle and I had bubbles coming out. This made me nervous so I built a coolant pressure gauge. Let me know what you guys think. 949-642-2911

Bad EGR cooler or head gasket