Suzuki DRZ400 3X3 mod

Suzuki DRZ400 3X3 mod as described Do some research before doing this mod. This was my interoperation of the mod. The biggest difference would be the 3x3 hole make sure you do a 3x3=9. Use a calculator and figure it out 3x3=9, what ever you do make sure it = 9. Example: a * b = 9

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How to install a FCR39 carb on a DRZ400 S or SM
in this video i will show you the differences between a fcr 39 carb and a factory drz400 bsr 36mm carb. i will also be showing you how to remove and install you new fcr 39 carb from thumpertalk on your drz. fell free to ask question in the comment section below. my appolgies for the poor camera work, wind noise at times and loud radio. i performed this in my garage at 1 am and slightly drunk!

JD Jet Kit Install and 3X3 Mod DRZ400SM Supermoto from Thumper Talk
Installed a JD Jet kit today used the blue needle with the clip on the 4th pin from the top, 22.5 pilot and 160 main jet. Huge thanks to Ryan for helping with the install...

The easiest way to learn to wheelie
My take on one of the simplest and safest ways to learn to wheelie. Sorry for the poor camera angle, forget to set it back to vlogging angle from the swingrm angle. Thanks for watching and Subscribing! *DISCLAIMER* Try at your own risk *DISCLAIMER*

Suzuki DRZ 400 Dyno run Leovince x3 K&N Filter 3x3
Suzuki DRZ 400 on the Dyno at Ruud Frederiks ( TOVAMI ) located at Goes, The Netherlands Suzuki DRZ 400 op de testbank bij Ruud Frederiks ( TOVAMI ) in Goes. Stage 2 Leovince X3 3x3 mod K&N Filter Dynojet Currently upgraded with an ABP headpipe Power: 39.8 bhp at 7762.3 rpm Torque: 42.8 Nm at 5237.3 rpm