Suzuki DRZ400 3X3 mod

Suzuki DRZ400 3X3 mod as described Do some research before doing this mod. This was my interoperation of the mod. The biggest difference would be the 3x3 hole make sure you do a 3x3=9. Use a calculator and figure it out 3x3=9, what ever you do make sure it = 9. Example: a * b = 9

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Suzuki DR-Z400 3x3 Mod (High Definition)
While helpful, I was disappointed in the quality of the videos covering this popular mod for the Suzuki DR-Z400, so I decided I'd make a higher resolution video for future tinkerers like myself. The bike picked up significant mid-range power with this mod. Stock I couldn't even clutch up second gear and do a wheelie and now it comes right up.

CRF450X Vs DRZ400
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EveRide DRZ 400 Extreme Makeover Episode 13 - Carburetor Mods
Hold on to your shorts EveRide, this may freak you out when you see this episode. Don't worry, everything can be reversed if you don't like it. We get a surprise visit from the Brother in Law "Dirty Sanchez", who provides supervision and entertainment (edited out, sorry.....). We find another problem that needs addressing, and our best intentions have to be reversed because of an unforeseen road block. We're making progress, but going crazy waiting for the bling factor to start!!!

The easiest way to learn to wheelie
My take on one of the simplest and safest ways to learn to wheelie. Sorry for the poor camera angle, forget to set it back to vlogging angle from the swingrm angle. Thanks for watching and Subscribing! *DISCLAIMER* Try at your own risk *DISCLAIMER*