Hydraulic lifter bleed down. Bad Hydraulic Lifters

352ci Ford in my 1966 F-100 shortbed. Just finished installing a new cam and lifters. Even needed new pushrods to get the preload correct. After all that, when the engine would warm up I'd get a pretty serious tick coming from one or two suspect lifters. Here's what I found in my diagnosis.

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remove/install hydraulic lifters without removing engine or head
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How-To: Inspect a Hydraulic Valve Lifter
Here I show you how to inspect a valve lifter, and explain what causes premature lifter wear. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe!

Cylinder Head 101 - Remove Cams Rockers & Lifters
Going through a 4g63 Cylinder Head? You're on the right channel. I don't know how many parts there will be to this series, I suppose it could go on forever... We all have different ways of doing it, and I'm going to show you mine. This video won't put a dent in most people's grey matter outside of entertainment value... but I tried to keep it fun. I'd like to leave at least a small dent. But no music in these because they're going to cover a lot of ground and fast. I'm not doing anything difficult. This part of this job really isn't. Most everybody pays someone else to do the complicated stuff for them, and those people do it every day so it's still easy unless you earn your money to pay for it from difficult and degrading means. But this video's about getting started. There's some safety and organization tips to be aware of before diving in. Stuff that could help people whether or not they even own a Mitsubishi. Everything else is in the videos!

Rebuilding Hydraulic Lifters
Edit: Please don't install them full of oil and purged of all air like I show in the video. Do this to check that they're sealing, but then remove the extra oil so that they're springy. They will pump up within a few seconds of startup anyway. This saves the valves from not closing all the way due to a tall lifter. This video shows the disassembly, cleaning, and rebuilding of hydraulic valve lifters. These belong to a VW 16V head but many are similar. A couple of these could be compressed by hand when they came out of the head. I decided to rebuild all of them. This takes a long time so you might want to consider just buying new ones, but if you have patience and don't mind the work, it's very rewarding.