Hydraulic lifter bleed down. Bad Hydraulic Lifters

352ci Ford in my 1966 F-100 shortbed. Just finished installing a new cam and lifters. Even needed new pushrods to get the preload correct. After all that, when the engine would warm up I'd get a pretty serious tick coming from one or two suspect lifters. Here's what I found in my diagnosis. I said Crane lifters in the video but I meant Comp Cams. It has a comp XE254 cam and matching lifters. After this diagnosis I replaced the lifters with some Parts store Sealed Power units and it's been fine ever since.

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How-To: Inspect a Hydraulic Valve Lifter
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Failed lifter
Customer notice noise from engine and found failed lifter

Collapsed Lifters
I had collapsed lifters from tightening the valves to much. I lost oil pressure and widened the holes in the rods making oil squirt out!!! I also pulled the cam to check for wiped lobes but it was fine!!

remove/install hydraulic lifters without removing engine or head
how to remove/install valve lifters without removing head from engine