Hydraulic lifter bleed down. Bad Hydraulic Lifters

352ci Ford in my 1966 F-100 shortbed. Just finished installing a new cam and lifters. Even needed new pushrods to get the preload correct. After all that, when the engine would warm up I'd get a pretty serious tick coming from one or two suspect lifters. Here's what I found in my diagnosis.

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How-To: Inspect a Hydraulic Valve Lifter
Here I show you how to inspect a valve lifter, and explain what causes premature lifter wear. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe!

remove/install hydraulic lifters without removing engine or head
how to remove/install valve lifters without removing head from engine

Rebuilding Hydraulic Lifters
This video shows the disassembly, cleaning, and rebuilding of hydraulic valve lifters. These belong to a VW 16V head but many are similar. A couple of these could be compressed by hand when they came out of the head. I decided to rebuild all of them. This takes a long time so you might want to consider just buying new ones, but if you have patience and don't mind the work, it's very rewarding.

Failure: COMP Cams Hydraulic Roller Lifters
Less than a year after install in my 1993 Mustang Cobra I had a catastrophic failure of a roller lifter. While driving down the freeway I heard the noise, drove home 3 miles and parked it in the garage. Unfortunately didn't have time to tear down the engine to find out why I lost the number 2 cylinder right away. Here is what happens when the roller seizes on the roller axle then destroys the retainer and seizes in the bore. The camshaft knocked the roller off the lifter then forces it up through the oil galley creating a quarter size hole. Here is the video of removing the lower intake and finding the hole.