Centech Digital Inspection Camera (Harbor Freight 67980)

Unboxing, demonstration of some features and a sample of recorded footage from the Cen-Tech video inspection camera. I went with this over one from sears and home depot because the camera head was much smaller (8.5mm compared to around 12mm).

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Centech Camera Review ( Harbor Freight Inspection Camera / Borescope )
This is a review of the Harbor Freight Cen-Tech Digital Camera. If you're in the market for one of these and like this one I have the Autel version on my Amazon Store's camera page. http://astore.amazon.com/mytwocentsont-20 Click the link here and you can check out my store. Please don't forget to subscribe! Love the support I've been getting from you guys!!! NOTE: The blister on the camera screen is from the screen protector, I didn't want to remove it just yet. :-)

RIDGID microDrain Inspection System Video
The microDrain System will allow you to quickly inspect places previously unreachable -- providing true accessibility, increased efficiency, and reduced job time. The microDrain System is optimized for tight turns while the microReel System allows longer inspections up to 100' due to its more rigid push cable.

Eazyview ProTech - Probably the best inspection camera in the world
Demonstration of the unique features and benefits that differentiates the ProTech from other inspection cameras.

7mm Waterproof Camera USB Endoscope Snake Scope (www.gainexpress.com)
Click the link to buy this item or to see more information: http://www.gainexpress.com/collections/inspection-camera-endoscope/products /vid-98a-digital-usb-video-inspection-borescope-endoscope-with-7mm-camera General Specifications: * Waterproof Level: IP67 Waterproof (Camera Head & Flexible Tube) * Resolution: 640x480 pixel (VGA) * Frame Rate: up to 30fps (pictures/sec) * Images: Video live streaming or capture stills * Lens Size: 1/12" CMOS * White Comparison: Automatic * Exposure to Light: Automatic * LED Light Quality: 6 x white LED * Output: USB * Power: by PC via USB 1.1 or 2.0 * USB Cable Length: approx. 2000mm * Ambient/Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 65°C * Total Length of Device: 1030mm * Effective Tube Length: 830mm * Min. Bending Radius: 50mm * Lens Diameter: 7.0mm * Flexible Tube Diameter: 6.0mm * LEDs: 6 * Focal Distance: 50mm to infinity * Weight (Main Unit): 225g * System Requirements - - Processor: 1.6 GHz or faster - - RAM: 512 MB or more - - Hard Drive: 1 GB or more free - - Video Card: Capable of displaying 800 x 600 pixels or higher - - Supports: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Please contact us at info@gainexpress.com for wholesale order.