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Acebikes Bike-a-side motorcycle mover,centerstand GL1800

The Acebikes Bike-a-side allows you to manoeuvre your bike very easy, even in the tightest parking place. For all bikes with center- and sidestands.Designed by ACEMECHANICS b.v. sales www.acebikes.nl


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Acebikes Down-loader ground loading and unloading GL1800
Motorcycle trailer whit liftable trailer bed. Empty weight - 215 kg. Load capacity - 535kg. Designed by ACEMECHANICS b.v. sales www.acebikes.nl

Motorcycle Self Loader
Since this was built some changes are in the works. I realized I don't need the tailgate transition piece so I'll adapt the ramps to eliminate the tailgate. Still beats the heck out of 2k for a commercially available unit.

Bike Shuttle Long Rail
For more informations www.bike-shuttle.it www.travaglinibike.it [Patente Pending]

Park-n-Move: Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows
We demo the Park-n-Move, a handy gadget for any garage where motorcycles need to moved around. Visit Places 2 Ride for more highlights from the 2008-2009 Cycle World International Motorcycle Show.

Bike Shuttle Smart
For more informations www.bike-shuttle.it www.travaglinibike.it [Patent Pending]

Motorcycle Fail Compilation 2014 Part 2
Motorcycle Fail Compilation 2014 - Enjoy the video. Rate, Comment, Share... Thanx https://www.youtube.com/user/MonthlyWinners

www.TELEFIX-Products.de Motoboy 3 Rangierhilfe zb. Honda Goldwing BMW 65.10.68 Motorrad Hauptständer
Die Neuheit auf dem Zubehörmarkt von TELEFIX Moto-Boy 3, Art.-Nr. 65.10.68 Heben und rangieren Sie die größten "Brocken" im "Handumdrehen" Rangieren Sie alle gängigen Fahrzeuge, die über einen Hauptständer verfügen, auf engstem Raum! Selbst Modelle über 400 kg und sogar Motorräder mit Koffersystemen heben Sie kinderleicht mit einem Handgriff an Das außergewöhnliche Merkmal des neuen Moto-Boy 3 ist die bis zum Boden absenkbare, geriffelte Plattform (51cmx18cm, kurze Seite 10,5cm) Durch die spezielle Geometrie haben wir eine konkurrenzlose Zugänglichkeit und Beweglichkeit realisiert. Das Motorrad wird mit dem Hauptständer auf der absenkbaren Plattform abgestellt und per Hand-Hebel mit minimalem Kraftaufwand und sehr sicher angehoben. Mit den übergroßen Qualitäts-Doppellenkrollen ist das Motorrad auch auf engstem Raum frei und standsicher rangierbar. (Schutzrechte angemeldet) # Tragkraft 400 kg # Mit den 4 Qualtitäts-Doppellenkrollen # leichtgängige schwarze Räder Durchmesser 7,5cm # Oberflächen Rot pulverbeschichtet # Geriffelte Plattform galvanisch Verzinkt # Sehr robust und Zuverlässig Haben Sie noch fragen? Rufen Sie uns an! 084338401 By placing the bike's centre stand on the Moto-Boy (51cm by 18cm), and releasing the foot-operated brake, a bike can be moved effortlessly in any direction, to take up minimum space. Rubber surface mat provides added safety. Maximum lift capacity is approximately 400kg.

Wheelie bike stand trolley
The "Wheelie" bike stand trolley makes moving a stationary motorbike a breeze. Simply push or ride your bike on the trolley and into the "Universal bike stand" (fitted on the trolley). Then using the handle supplied you can lift the frame ready to move the trolley in any direction. You can buy this product from www.bikertidy.co.uk

How do you move a GoldWing in a garage
This is a video of a homemade center stand dolly in use. I call it George the Coaster King!

Acebikes Bike-a-side motorcycle mover,chopper with sidestand
Acebikes Bike-a-side motorcycle mover.(Motorbike mover) The Bike-aside allows you to manoeuvre your bike very easy, even in the thightest parking place. For all bikes with side- and centerstand. Designed by ACEMECHANICS b.v. sales www.acebikes.nl

Essai Honda 1800 Gold Wing 2012 aux USA ( video officielle moto journal )
Légèrement retouchée pour 2012, la nouvelle Honda Gold Wing 1800 va débarquer en fin d'année dans nos concessions. Mais pour se forger un avis, la WebTV Moto Journal n'a reculé devant aucun sacrifice et s'est rendu aux Etats-Unis pour réaliser plus de 1000 kilomètres à son guidon. Un joli Road Trip au cours duquel nous avons assisté à la Wing Ding (un étonnant Salon entièrement dédié à la Gold Wing à Knoxville) et visité l'impressionnant Musée de Barber. Gaffe, ça glisse :-)

Demo of the Rampage Power Lift for Motorcycles
Visit http://www.openroadoutfitters.com/rampage-lift for more info or to order. Enter coupon code YT2 our checkout page to receive an extra $50 off the already-discounted Internet price. This video offers a full demonstration of the Rampage Power Lift for motorcycles. The Rampage offers fast, safe, one-person loading of any size motorcycle including full dressers like Harleys and Gold Wings. The Rampage also offers attachments, so you can use this to load your personal watercraft, trike, or snowmobile.

EZI Parker Motorcycle Turntables Australia.wmv
Motorcycle Turntables Australia

Ride In Ride Out
Turnabike TAB ST Motorcycle Turntable - Ellen safely and conveniently positions her BMW for another day of riding without an 8 point turn.

Park-n-Move Motorcycle Dolly
CycleGadgets.com introduces the Park-n-Move motorcycle dolly. Works with any motorcycle that has a center stand. Just put the bike on the Park-n-Move, and glide into place.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1985 Suzuki Motorcycle GS 1150 BASE 1327CC: 7.700 @ 175.000
RICKEY BARNES, Engine: 1327 STAR BB, Turbos: MR. TURBO Tires: GOOD YEAR 29X10.5X15

2006 Dragster Motorcycle Killacycle Electric: 7.824 @ 168.000
Scotty Pollacheck, Engine: Advanced DC L-91 (two),

1993 Kawasaki Motorcycle Top Gas: 8.340 @ 157.900
Tony Webster, Engine: 1428 KZ, 0 Turbos: 1 Tires: Mickey Thompson

1984 Kawasaki Motorcycle Ninja 900 body Custom FRP: 8.551 @ 151.760
Kevin Askew, Engine: 1075cc Z1000, Tires: M/T & Goodyear

2000 Suzuki Motorcycle : 8.690 @ 152.000
Scott White,

2009 Suzuki Motorcycle HAYABUSA GSX-R 1300: 9.196 @ 148.750
Brad Stinnett, Engine: NOT TOUCHED, Supercharger: NO Turbos: NO Tires: SHINKO ULTRA SOFT

2001 Suzuki Motorcycle hayabusa Nitrous: 9.530 @ 142.000
Darrell Holston, Engine: 1300,

2001 Suzuki Motorcycle Mr Turbo Stage 1: 9.700 @ 151.980
Todd McKechnie, Turbos: Mr Turbo Stage 1

2005 Suzuki Motorcycle 1000: 9.845 @ 142.880
Dan Kubes, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: No Turbos: No Tires: Shinko 003

2005 Suzuki Motorcycle Hayabusa: 9.852 @ 135.270
Juan Adams, Engine: 1299 cc,

1978 Kawasaki Motorcycle kz 1000: 9.900 @ 125.990
paul '' painter'' meacham, Engine: 1170 cc, Supercharger: .............. Turbos: ........... Tires: f. avon r.goodyear..7 in

1978 Kawasaki Motorcycle 78 kz: 9.900 @ 146.000
painter meachamnone yet, Engine: pace 1170, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: goodyear

1978 Kawasaki Motorcycle kz 1000: 9.900 @ 148.000
painter, Engine: pace 1170, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: goodyear

1976 Kawasaki Motorcycle H1 (500cc): 10.090 @ 129.000
Jeff Anzaldua, Engine: 500cc H1 Heavily Ported!!, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: 6.5 inch drag slick

1974 Suzuki Motorcycle GT750 L: 10.122 @ 129.890
Kevin Hutchinson, Engine: 3 Cylinder 2 stroke water-cooled, Tires: Goodyear 18 x 5.5

1994 Kawasaki Motorcycle ZZR: 10.210 @ 134.750
James Ogg, Engine: 600cc jeted, Tires: mich zr tires

2001 Kawasaki Motorcycle ZX-9R: 10.250 @ 140.080
Mr. J, Engine: stock 899cc motor, Tires: 190/50-17 (rear)

2004 Kawasaki Motorcycle ZX-6R: 10.965 @ 125.500
Adam Woodring, Engine: all stock 636cc, Supercharger: no Turbos: no

2002 Kawasaki Motorcycle ZZR1200: 11.080 @ 128.400
scott rising, Tires: pilot road 2

2002 Suzuki Motorcycle suzuki bandit 1200: 11.430 @ 118.751
heath murtagh, Engine: 1200,


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