Acebikes Bike-a-side motorcycle mover,centerstand GL1800

The Acebikes Bike-a-side allows you to manoeuvre your bike very easy, even in the tightest parking place. For all bikes with center- and sidestands.Designed by ACEMECHANICS b.v. sales

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How do you move a GoldWing in a garage
This is a video of a homemade center stand dolly in use. I call it George the Coaster King!

How to do... - Rothewald Rangierhilfe | Rothewald Bike Mover
Platzprobleme in der Garage - wer kennt das nicht? Rangierhilfen erleichtern das Parken des Motorrads bei engen Platzverhältnissen. Für Modelle ohne Hauptständer gibts nur teuere und sperrige Rangierhilfen. Aber es geht auch einfacher und billiger mit der Rothewald Rangierhilfe (oder baugleichen Produkten). ------- Not enough space in your garage? Bike Movers help you to park your bike in narrow garages. Movers for bikes without main stand are big and expensive. But there is also a cheap and easy way by using a Rothewald Bike Mover (or similar built movers).

Park-n-Move: Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows | We demo the Park-n-Move, a handy gadget for any garage where motorcycles need to moved around. Visit Places 2 Ride for more highlights from the 2008-2009 Cycle World International Motorcycle Show.
When is a motorbike paddock stand NOT a paddock stand? When its the revolutionary new Moovamoto™ bike mobility stand. Traditional paddock stands are not called stands for nothing. Every bike owner thats used one knows how difficult and frustrating it can be trying to work on, move or store the bike once its on a typical stand. There may be 2 wheels on a bike but the unique 4 wheeled design of Moovamoto™ means it does everything a traditional paddock stand does, but gives the added flexibility to easily move the bike in any/all directions, with the rear wheel off the ground or even with the rear wheel removed. It makes any work on the bike so much easier. MoovamotoTM leaves traditional paddock stands....well, standing!