Acebikes Bike-a-side motorcycle mover,centerstand GL1800

The Acebikes Bike-a-side allows you to manoeuvre your bike very easy, even in the tightest parking place. For all bikes with center- and sidestands.Designed by ACEMECHANICS b.v. sales

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NC Drill Team Bike Pickup Demonstration
Alicia Bell shows you how to pickup your Goldwing.This Carolina Princess shows all the he men out there how to do it.She has no problem with the 900 lbs motorcycle using the right techniqe.

How do you move a GoldWing in a garage
This is a video of a homemade center stand dolly in use. I call it George the Coaster King!

Park-n-Move: Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows | We demo the Park-n-Move, a handy gadget for any garage where motorcycles need to moved around. Visit Places 2 Ride for more highlights from the 2008-2009 Cycle World International Motorcycle Show.

Park-n-Move Motorcycle Dolly introduces the Park-n-Move motorcycle dolly. Works with any motorcycle that has a center stand. Just put the bike on the Park-n-Move, and glide into place.