Motor Grader G960 - Snow plowing and clearing roads

Motor Graders - Watch as the G960 makes quick work of snow removal. Learn more about Volvo motor graders at

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Cat 163H Snow Removal
A Cat 163H Motor Grader removing ice, hard and compact snow from the street and pushing into a long pile in the middle of the street so the snow blower can load trucks...Oslo, Norway January 30th 2012

Ironex Supply LTD Snow Gate / Containment Gate Grader Attachment
Ironex Supply Ltd. Snow / Containment Gate Grader Attachment For more Information Please Visit

Volvo G740 With V Plow And Wing Plow Shelfing
A Volvo G740 grader with a massive V Plow and a wing plow shelfing side road snow walls for more room on my street.

CAT 140M Spreading Out Rocks
Two Volvo dump trucks dumping their loads of ballast rocks into a pile before the grader starts to spreading it out on a new road which is under construction in Oslo, May 6th 2013.