Home Made Drift Trike Freewheeling pedal front wheel

Home Made Drift Trike Freewheeling pedal front wheel

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DIY Pedal Generator for Electric Bike or Trike
A pedal generator for a chainless bike or human power - electric serial hybrid. Easy to build DIY project presented by Thomas Senkel. Free Plans for aluminum parts included. A Keyde front hub motor is used as a generator. It is nominal rated with 160 rpm @ 36 V and 250 W. You dont need any electronics, just a 3 phase bridge rectifier. The lithium ion battery is 12s (44 V) and 2x 25 Ah. The motor power is up to 5 kW. Free Music Archive: Graphiqs Groove - Deep Sky Blue

How To Make A "Drift Trike" Front Wheel.
How To Make A "Drift Trike" Front Wheel...Couldn't find any good "How To" vids so had make my own..

How to build a pedal wheel for a drift trike
In this vid, I show how to build a couple different kinds of pedal wheels for a drift trike...My good buddy D came by with a green machine so we cut it apart and used the pieces for his trike...I built a petal wheel from a rear wheel from a 20" bike on my trike project..It is important that the pedals free spin. If you were to use a unicycle wheel, it would kick your feet off if you went down a hill.

TUTORIAL - How to make freewheel pedals on trike - How to build ?
Hi there! You can call me Pablo. Just like any of you, I've had problems with pedals. I simply couldn't face life with a trike and no pedals. So, I had to give my brain cells a good going-over to avoid paying € 200 for the gadget they sell over the Internet (wheel with freewheel pedals). I hope everything was crystal clear and that I haven't forgotten anything, so that you can be equally successful. If you have any suggestion or anything at all to say about what I've done, feel free to do it. IN ME, YOU'LL FIND AN ATTENTIVE LISTENER! Also, if you like to watch a filmed report on how I do make the trikes, drop a line and let me know. Kindest regards, my fellow trikers. Video tutorial of piece idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4AczGxHIC4