Home Made Drift Trike Freewheeling pedal front wheel

Home Made Drift Trike Freewheeling pedal front wheel

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How To Build A Drift Trike Front Wheel And Fork Mounts By JACEonDRIFT
Want To See How I Mount My Drift Trike Wheels To My Bike Forks. At The End Of The Vid You Can Just How I Do It. Plus I Grab A 20" Kids Pedal Break Bike And Pull That Apart Piece By Piece To Show In Detail How I Make Drift Trike Front Wheels.The Easy Way. This Trike Wheel Now Becomes A Downhill Reverse Drift Free Wheel As You Can Roll Backwards Longer Without The Pedals Catching And Wanting To Turn Meaning You Can Roll Reverse Drift. Music.. Regan Perry - FLOW vs JACEonBEATMIX Regan Perry - MARYJANE vs JACEonBEATMIX

How To Make A "Drift Trike" Front Wheel.
How To Make A "Drift Trike" Front Wheel...Couldn't find any good "How To" vids so had make my own..

Drift Trike Wheel Test
This video shows the test between the harbor freight dolly wheels and the azusalite 4 inch hubs. I ran the trike 5 runs each on both hubs. The results are pretty much the same. not faster. The difference was that the harbor freight hub bearings seemed loose. the rim wasn't centered either. the azusalite have pressed in bearings, much sturdier than the HF. they both seem to have a wobble but it is from the tire and inner tubes. they were both aired up hard, about 50 psi. http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/lgpages/azusalite.php Rims are here

How To Build a Legit Drift Trike
In this video I will show you how to build a Drift Trike. Background song : Odeza - Keep Her Close Download it here : http://odesza.com/