Scion tC engine tapping or knocking noise

Update: There is apparently a TSB by Toyota in Aug 2011 about a defective piston assembly which causes excessive oil consumption for 07-09 tC's and affected xB2 with the same 2AZ-FE engine as us. 55k Miles on this 2008 Scion tC. Regular oil change intervals and never let the oil go low. Never had any issues before but on this last interval I noticed this unnerving tapping or knocking noise which seems to be coming from the upper end of the engine.

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Scion tC Valve Ticking/Knocking
My scion cel when on with code p0420 and a few days after that an aweful noise started after reving past 2500 RPM. What is it?

How I fixed my KNOCKING and PINGING engine for $7 dollars!
Replacing an engine is scary. You might as well replace the whole car. (depending on how old your car is) Here is how I stopped the knocking issue with my engine. Thanks goodness it worked. *NOTE: This is a temporary solution. You want to have a mechanic look over your vehicle for a further diagnosis. Here is where you can purchase the items or ingredients in this video while supporting this channel at the same time :-)(amazon affiliate link) Rislone STP Oil Treatment THE TOOLS I USE MOST All Clad Fry Pans: - Schmidt Brothers Knives: - Wood Cutting Board: - Utility Tong: - Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer: - MY CAMERA EQUIPMENT Nikon D5500: - Samsung WB250F: - Lighting Kit: - Tripod: - ----- DISCLAIMER: All content provided on this channel is for informational purposes only. The owner of this channel makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. The owner will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. To Serve Men, the owner, or Associated partners will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.

Rod knock - how to check and deal with it
Hear something knocking in your engine? Afraid it might be rod knock? Here's how to check it out. Whether it's a knocking noise inside your engine or a clicking one or whatever else, the only truly foolproof way of checking for rod knock is taking a direct look at your rods and rod bearings. To do that you need to remove your oil pan. Removing the oil pan is easy. In the case of my MR2 mk1 all you need to do is get the Exhaust out of the way and unbolt the oil pan. After that remove the oil strainer and you can take a look at your rods and rod bearings. Shake the rods a bit. If they feel loose that is very bad and everything needs to come out. In my case the rods were rock solid but once I removed my bearings I noticed some very alarming things and confirmed that my engine unfortunately did develop rod knock. I just got caught it pretty early. Rod 1 looked best, rod 4 worst, to me it seems like it's an oiling issue, although my oil pressure was good the needle on the manual oil pressure gauge was pretty bouncy. So what now? Another rebuild. I'll drop this engine soon and get it fixed using a junkyard 4age engine I just got. Time to get dirty again. Check out my blog: Music used in the video: Escape - Kiss ➤ Escape

2007 Scion tC knocking/clacking sound when revving or accelerating
Scion tC sound when revving or accelerating, what do you guys think it could be? Comment and sub for the repair