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2012 NISSAN Altima - Warning and Indicator Lights

Warning and Indicator Lights The warning and indicator lights on your vehicle will help you stay aware of many systems and their operation. Use your Owner's Manual to familiarize yourself with all warning and indicator lights. You'll then be prepared to act swiftly when the need arises.


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2012 NISSAN Altima - Trunk Functions
Trunk Functions The TRUNK RELEASE switch is located on the left side of the instrument panel. To open the trunk, push the switch down. The trunk can also be opened by pressing this button on the Intelligent Key. When closing the trunk lid, be sure to push it down securely. As a security feature, your vehicle is equipped with a TRUNK RELEASE CANCEL Switch. You'll find it here, inside the glove box. When you have to leave a key with a parking valet, you can remove the Mechanical key, which is concealed inside your Intelligent Key and keep it with you to protect your belongings. To remove the Mechanical key, release the LOCK knob on the back of your Intelligent Key and pull the key out. Now, push the TRUNK RELEASE CANCEL switch inside the glove box to OFF. Next, using your Mechanical key, lock the glove box and the interior trunk access. Its lock can be found under this cover just above the passenger side rear seat. Then give the Intelligent Key to the valet and keep the Mechanical key with you. Your belongings in the trunk and glove box will now be secure while you are away from the vehicle. When the TRUNK RELEASE CANCEL switch is in the OFF position, the trunk cannot be opened with the Intelligent Key or the TRUNK RELEASE switch.

2012 NISSAN Altima - Seat Adjustments
Seat Adjustments If your new vehicle is equipped with power adjustable seats, here's how to operate them. To make the seat slide forward or backward, look for this switch on the outer edge of the seat. Slide it forward or backward and the seat will move in that direction. To make the seat recline, move this RECLINE switch backward until you achieve the desired position. To bring it back upright, move the switch forward and lean forward. The seatback will return to the more upright position. If so equipped, the switch you use to move the seat forward and back can also be used as a seat lifter, adjusting the angle and height of the seat cushion. Move the front or rear end of the switch up or down to adjust the angle of the cushion. Then push down, or pull up on the middle of the switch to adjust the height. The lumbar support feature, if so equipped, provides lower back support to the driver. If your driver's seat is equipped with power lumbar support, push the front or back end of this switch to adjust the seat's lumbar area. If your vehicle is equipped with manual front seat adjustments, reach down and find this lever under the front seat. Pull up on it while you slide the seat forward or backward to a desired position. Release the lever to lock the seat in that position. To recline the front seatbacks manually, locate this lever on the outside of the seat base. Pull up, and lean back. To bring the seat back upright, pull the lever and lean forward. If your vehicle is equipped with a manual seat lifter; your seat height can be adjusted using this lever, located on the outside of the seat base. Pull up or push down on the lever to adjust the height of the seat. Release the lever when a comfortable position is achieved. If your driver's seat is equipped with manual lumbar support, you can adjust it by moving this lever up and down.

2012 NISSAN Altima - Manual Climate Controls
Manual Climate Controls (if so equipped) This is the climate control panel for adjusting air flow, fan speed and temperature inside the cabin. The FAN SPEED CONTROL Dial regulates fan speed at various settings. Turn left for slower speeds, or right for higher speeds. Turn the dial all the way to the left, to turn the system OFF. Press the A/C Button, in the middle of the TEMPERATURE CONTROL Dial, to turn the A/C ON or OFF. Turn the TEMPERATURE CONTROL Dial to the left for cooler, or to the right for warmer air. Use the AIR FLOW CONTROL buttons to select air flow outlets. Refer to the pictograms for the various air flow combinations. • Air will flow from center and side vents, • From center, side and foot vents, • Mainly from foot vents, • From the defroster and foot vents, • Mainly from the defroster vents. For quick cooling when the temperature is high, press the button in the center, marked MAX A/C. Note: in hot or humid conditions, a visible mist may be seen coming from the vents. This does not indicate a malfunction. To defrost or defog front and side windows, press the FRONT WINDOW DEFROST button. The indicator light will illuminate and air flow will be directed to the front and side windows. The A/C automatically activates when you select the Defrost mode and the outside temperature is above 36 degrees. This helps dehumidify the cabin and clear the windshield faster. Now turn the TEMPERATURE CONTROL Dial to a setting that will best meet weather conditions. For windshield deicing, your dial should be turned to maximum heat. Also, using the FAN SPEED CONTROL Dial, turn your fan speed to high. To defrost or defog the rear window and, if so equipped, the outside mirrors; push the REAR WINDOW DEFROSTER switch. The indicator light will illuminate. After defrosting, push to turn OFF. If not turned OFF manually, this feature will automatically deactivate in 15 minutes. To recirculate air inside your vehicle, press this AIR RECIRCULATION button, its indicator will light up. This helps A/C efficiency and helps block outside odors from entering the cabin. You will only be able to activate the air recirculation feature when non-defroster air flow settings are selected. Press again, to turn OFF the recirculation feature and allow fresh air from the outside to be drawn into your vehicle. Please be aware that while in Defrost modes, the Air Recirculation feature will not activate. Allowing outside air to enter the vehicle further improves defogging performance.

2012 NISSAN Altima - Hood Release
Hood Release To open the hood, pull this HOOD RELEASE handle located below the driver's side instrument panel. The hood will spring up slightly. Outside the vehicle, lift this lever at the front of the hood as shown. Then insert the support rod into the slot on the underside of the hood. When closing the hood, lower to approximately 12 inches above the latch and release it. Your hood should lock into place. Before driving, look to see that it is latched firmly.

2012 NISSAN Altima - Fuel Functions
Fuel Functions Located in the instrument cluster, this gauge indicates the approximate fuel level in the tank. This light comes on when the fuel level is low. Refuel as soon as practical. You'll see an arrow next to the fuel pump icon that indicates on which side of your vehicle the fuel-filler door is located. Pull this fuel-filler door release, located on the floor to the left of the driver's seat, to open the fuel-filler door. The fuel-filler cap is a ratcheting type. To remove the cap, turn counterclockwise. Hang the cap's tether strap, in the holder on the fuel-filler door, while you are refueling. On Coupe models place the cap in the holder on the fuel-filler door. After fueling, turn the cap clockwise until ratcheting clicks are heard, indicating that it is locked in place. Then close the fuel-filler door securely. Failure to properly tighten the fuel-filler cap may cause the Loose Fuel Cap warning message to appear. If this occurs: ● Exit the vehicle and reinsert the fuel-filler cap straight into the fuel-filler tube. ● Turn the fuel-filler cap clockwise and tighten it until you hear clicks. ● Now, press the RESET button for more than one second to turn the indicator OFF. Failure to properly tighten the fuel-filler cap after the Loose Fuel Cap warning message is displayed may cause the Malfunction Indicator Light to illuminate. If you have taken the appropriate steps and the indicator light does not turn off, please see your Nissan dealer for further assistance.

2012 NISSAN Altima - Instrument Brightness Control
Instrument Brightness Control Your instrument panel lights up whenever the ignition is ON and the parking lights or the headlights are ON, or in the AUTO position. Turn this control at the bottom of your tachometer to adjust the brightness of the instrument panel lights to the desired level for night driving.

2012 NISSAN Altima - Passenger Rear Seat Entry
Passenger Rear Seat Entry (Coupe Models Only) The Altima Coupe features an innovative front passenger seat, making it easier to get people and packages in and out of your vehicle. There are several ways to achieve entry and exit for backseat passengers. From outside the vehicle, on the driver's side, pull up on the RECLINE lever and fold the seatback as far forward as it will go, then slide the seat all the way forward. Without leaving the driver's seat, the driver can allow passengers to enter the backseat from the passenger side of the vehicle by pulling up on the UPPER SEATBACK RELEASE lever -- here on the inboard side of the passenger's seat. The seatback releases and you can enter the back seat. To accommodate entry from outside the vehicle on the passenger side, pull up on the RECLINE lever until the seatback releases. Then slide the seat forward. If you are a backseat passenger on the passenger's side, pull the UPPER SEATBACK RELEASE lever up. The front passenger's seatback will release and you can exit the vehicle. Be sure the seat is upright and locked in place before driving.

2012 NISSAN Altima - Interior Storage
Interior Storage Your vehicle's glove box can be opened by pulling on this handle. You can lock the glove box with the Mechanical key, for added security when leaving the Intelligent Key with a valet. The console storage box is located between the front seats. It has an upper and a lower compartment to meet various storage needs. To open the upper half, pull up on this latch on the driver's side. You can store a cellular phone there and route the phone's charger cord through an access hole. Plug it into the power outlet you'll find in the lower half of the console. To open this larger compartment, pull up on the latch on the passenger side. Your vehicle also has a covered storage box, located here. To open, push the center of the lid. There is a cup holder located between the two front seats. To open, push down on its lid. To close, push down on the lid until it clicks in place. If so equipped, this cup holder has an adapter that can be removed, to accommodate a larger cup. There is also a bottle holder on the driver's side door and on sedan models, there are two cup holders in the backseat armrest. The sunglasses holder is opened by a push and release motion. If so equipped, there may be Storage Pouches under both the driver's and passenger's seats. The trunk of your vehicle has grocery hooks. You can use the grocery hooks to hang standard sized plastic grocery bags. There are also a variety of storage bins, trays and map pockets located throughout the vehicle.

2012 NISSAN Altima - Shift Modes
Shift Modes (if so equipped) Your vehicle may be equipped with three shift modes: Drive, Drive Sport and Manual. For normal forward driving, use the Drive position. If you move the shift lever to Manual, the vehicle will shift into Drive Sport mode. In this mode, the transmission changes to a "sporty" driving, shift operation, creating a more aggressive acceleration feeling than the "Drive" mode and provides a gear change sensation when the driver accelerates quickly. From the Drive Sport mode, you can shift into Manual mode by moving the shift lever to the plus or minus side. Manual Shift mode offers the driver more control for maximum performance. Once engaged, the Manual Shift mode will display on the position indicator and the transmission will automatically choose a range closest to your vehicle's current speed. In Manual mode, you can choose different shift ranges using the shift lever. To shift UP to a higher gear, push the shift lever forward to the PLUS side. When shifting to a LOWER GEAR, like when decelerating coming down a hill, pull the lever back once to the MINUS side. Moving the shift lever to the same side twice will shift through the ranges in succession. To return to normal driving mode, move the shift lever from Manual to the Drive position.

2012 NISSAN Altima - DVD Player
DVD Player (if so equipped) To load a DVD, the ignition must be at ACC or ON. As a safety precaution you can only play a DVD on the audio system display screen after parking the vehicle and applying the parking brake. Press the OPEN/ TILT button and the display screen will move down to expose the DVD insert slot. Carefully insert the disc into the slot with the label side up. The disc will automatically be pulled into the slot and start to play. If the radio has been playing, it turns OFF and the disc begins. While playing the radio, if you want to change to DVD mode when a disc is already loaded, press the DISC/ AUXILIARY button until the DVD mode appears on the display. To return the display screen to the upright position, press the OPEN/ TILT button again. When playing a DVD touch the screen to display additional DVD options. Press the PAUSE key to pause play. Use the PLAY key to play a disc. Select the STOP key to stop the disc in play. Use the SKIP keys to skip forward or backwards through multiple chapters. Select the CM SKIP keys to fast-forward or rewind the DVD. To eject a disc, first press the OPEN/ TILT button to expose the DVD insert slot. You will see the EJECT button next to the slot, press it to eject the currently loaded disc. If your vehicle is equipped with a USB jack, it is possible to play video files stored on a USB compatible device on the in-vehicle display screen. Please refer to your Owner's Manual for a complete review of DVD player keys, features and operations.

2012 NISSAN Rogue - Warning and Indicator Lights
Warning and Indicator Lights The warning and indicator lights on your vehicle will help you stay aware of many systems and their operation. Use your Owner's Manual to familiarize yourself with all warning and indicator lights. You'll then be prepared to act swiftly when the need arises.

2012 NISSAN Altima - Emergency Inside Trunk Release
Emergency Inside Trunk Release There is an emergency trunk lid release handle provided as a safety measure in case a person is accidentally locked inside the trunk. Pulling on this handle will open the trunk from the inside. The handle is made of a material that glows in the dark, making it easy to spot and use in an emergency.

2012 NISSAN Altima - Trip Odometer
Trip Odometer You will find this display feature just below the Fuel Gauge. It records the distance of two individual trips. You'll see a button to the left of the display. Press it to change the display from trip A, to trip B and back again. Press and hold the button for more than one second to reset the selected odometer.

2012 NISSAN Altima - Tilt and Telescopic Steering
Tilt & Telescopic Steering You can adjust your steering wheel for both height and distance from the driver. Pulling this lever toward you will allow you to move the steering wheel up or down, and closer or farther away for maximum driving comfort. Once adjusted, push the lever back to the original position to lock the steering wheel in place.

2012 NISSAN Altima - Initial Service Visit
Initial Service Visit When you bring your new vehicle back to the dealership for its first scheduled service, it will be thoroughly checked by Nissan technicians. They are well-trained specialists in every aspect of vehicle operation. They're also great problem solvers should you need something corrected. They'll assure that your new vehicle keeps running reliably AND economically.

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