Cafe Racer 1973 Honda CB 350F 350 Four

1973 Honda CB 350F. -Leather 'Cafe' styled seat (using original seat pan) -Chopped front fender -(4) Chrome tips welded to Exhaust headers -(4) Steve Carpenter "Carpy" chrome turn signals -Classic rubber grips -Steve Carpenter "Carpy" chrome 'Clubman' bars -New cat eye tail light -New headlight visor Still a work in progress.

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CB350 Four Highway driving
Pamco project cancelled, got into an accident. - Specs & picture & story below - I shot this video to show the stock 'performance', with original points ignition, coils & sparkplugs. The annoying buzzing in the video is probably a bad plugcap arcing a spark to the cilinders (&wind&vibration). Its a lightshow at night.. So a new ignition is a must. I ordered a Pamco Ultimate electronic Ignition with high output coils and iridium DR8EIX spark plugs. Once I get the new ignition&plugs on there, I'll shoot an other video to show the difference in throttle response etc. Pic as it is now: Stock: - Busso 4 - 4 Exhaust - CB350F cafeseat - Cafe racer handlebars 22mm - Motobatt MB12U - Bar-end mirrors - USB-port for Navigation Gopro Hero 2

1974 Honda CB350F Cafe Racer Project
Updated: This is my 1974 Honda CB350F cafe racer project. I have only changed the handlebars up to this point but I plan on getting a BCR seat, re-paint the tank & side covers, and trim some additional fat (turn signals, bar end mirrors, etc.) Stay tuned to see the progression. It's going to be a beauty! (The throttle does need adjusting and it could definitely use a tune up when it's finished) Disclaimer: I know this won't be a "legit cafe racer" by the historical definition, due to handlebars, foot pegs, etc. but I respect the classic nature of the motorcycle and don't want to do anything to make it so it can't be easily changed back. Handlebars: ( Finished Rendition:

Honda CB350 Four 1972 CXB350F 1012403

1971 CB350 Cafe Racer view