Cafe Racer 1973 Honda CB 350F 350 Four

1973 Honda CB 350F. -Leather 'Cafe' styled seat (using original seat pan) -Chopped front fender -(4) Chrome tips welded to Exhaust headers -(4) Steve Carpenter "Carpy" chrome turn signals -Classic rubber grips -Steve Carpenter "Carpy" chrome 'Clubman' bars -New cat eye tail light -New headlight visor Still a work in progress.

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Honda CB 350 Four café racer
Honda CB 350 Four de 1973 équipée café racer...

Cafe Racer (5 Tips to begin your Cafe Racer Design)
(Legendado em Português) Whatever the situation is between you and a cafe Racer bike, this video will help you. Here you will find 5 important tips, that will help you take some important decisions about the design of your project. Consider this a gift from Racer TV. After all, it's Christmas. :) Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. My Special Thanks to Pedro Torres, for his great help in my poor english.

1974 Honda CB350F Cafe Racer Project Bike
Finished product of my CB350F Cafe Racer Build

Cafe Racer (Honda CB 125 - "The Spark" of 50.000 Subscribers)
(Legendado em Português) Finally Racer TV reached 50000 Subscribers. If you are a Racer TV Fan, that's only because of the existence of this Bike. An Honda CL 125 K3 from 1971, which is almost identical to Honda CB 125. This video will tell you how important this bike is, and how Racer TV began. I think this is one of my best videos till today. It gave me a lot of work, but it worth it. Enjoy it. If you want to see more about this Honda, check out this video: