spray on chrome uk silver nitrate system

Spray on chrome Uk our Uk built system is very easy to use. New portable mirror spray system, this can be applied onto anything that can be painted as it uses no compressed air this results in a great finish time and time again, as you may know this type of spray on chrome is not a friend of compressed air hence all the problem that people get with the finish. Our new portable hydrochrome silvering kit is an entry level system designed for those wishing to try out the spray on chrome without having to fork out mega bucks. WEB SHOP: http://www.customcreationpaints.co.uk/hydro-chrome-p-42.html FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/CustomCreationPaints

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Spray on chrome Hydrochrome demostartion
This is a quick spray on chrome demonstration using one of our red trigger sprayer bottles to apply on the spray on chrome soloutions, this is just one of the ways you can apply our silvering solution's, we also have pressure pots that you can uses with one of our silvering guns. We call it spray on chrome as a point of reference but its actually a real layer of silver, that get protected with a coat of 2k clear. This spray on chrome really is easy to do when using our kits!

Experimenting with spray paint to get a chrome or metallic finish that wont rust. My photos and clips belong to me as I created them. The banners were made with freeware from My Banner Maker .Com. Other Pics came from Public Domain. In its present form it falls under fair use and I use it as an expression of my artistic creativity in this production.

Portable Chrome Spray System | http://www.exclusiv-realgold.de/
Chrome plating nearly all and everything, quick and easy Its working with the same materials like our big machines. The advantage is : LOWER COSTS AND EASY TO USE. New and unique system made by E.R.G. Price 1590.00 Euro incl. complete chemical package. More information: http://www.exclusiv-realgold.de/ Хромирование практически любой поверхности, скорость и простота использования. Материалы, что и в большем оборудовании, но стоимость существенно ниже! Новая и уникальная система, разработанная нашей компанией: Стоимость 1590.00 евро, включая полный химический пакет. Более детально можно узнать на официальном сайте: http://www.exclusiv-realgold.de/ru/

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Visit us for more information : http://www.hgarts.com New video - Water Transfer Printing - Automatic Equipment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOdKeoR9fLc