Beating on a Dodge 440 big block truck fail

my friends 'smiley truck' taking a friend girl for a drive. i figured it would do her some good but ended up breaking in an awesome way when it hit a pothole. well, i guess it was exciting anyway. The other truck is a 1951 ford f100 on a 1991 dakota frame.

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Blown mud truck
***This video was taken while the truck was still under construction***440 with 671 blower, Dynoed 680 horse@ 6600 RPM. We decided to test out my transmission , the first run I think I accidently bumped it to neutral, second run was clean all the way through 3rd gear. Good thing I dont plan to shift in the mud anyway, its just nice to know things are working properly! I need to upgrade to 70 shafts in the front before I lock it! Heres a couple links to the videos of this in the mud: and

TUG OF WAR GONE WRONG - Dodge Truck Bends in Half!
DVDs & APPAREL - A Mud Truck Tug of War Goes Bad when a Dodge Truck Bends in Half! The driver Miles bends his truck back with the help of a Trackhoe and Skid steer and goes on to win the event and $1000 Cash. This goes down in history as the wildest carnage and the best comeback in Tug of War Trucks History! For those of you that thin this Dodge Truck breaks in half on purpose you guys are crazy. Dodge Truck Tug of War Gone Wrong for the win! Follow us on Facebook - INSTAGRAM

DVDs & SWAG - This guy saw the buggies hill climbing and said his Brand New Chevy Rental Truck could do that too! I hope he got the insurance! The truck takes a Beat Down. The kid goes to jail. This could be a Chevy Truck Commercial. Follow us on Facebook-

Stupid Truck - Gone Forever
SS Logo Shirts - Nothing is simple with this truck, buying it, using it, selling it, or shipping it. All things that a pickup truck should have no trouble doing. Good riddance. Make sure you're subscribed: Subscribe - Vimeo Downloads and Rentals Facebook Instagram - robferretti Twitter - @robferretti