Hand Applied Wipe-on Clear Coating to Restore and Protect Your Vehicle

Introducing ForeverNu, a revolutionary hand applied, wipe-on clear coat restorer & protector for cars, trucks, RVs, boats, trailers, and airplanes created by Vivilon. Now most light scratches, scuffs and swirl marks in your car or trucks paint disappear like magic easily eliminating laborious cut & polish buffing. With a more friendly environmental profile than spray applied clear coatings, ForeverNu makes giving a new layer of clear coat protection to your car, truck, RV, boat, golf cart, ATV, snowmobile or trailer a snap. For over 37 years, Vivilon has been the leading manufacturer of unique high performance coatings that restore and protect all your valuable property...keeping it ForeverNu! For more information, please visit www.vivilon.com

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Vivilon Forevernu Not Working For Me.
I sent this video to the owner of Vivilon asking if I applied it incorrectly or made any other mistakes. I gave him a week before making it public. He never replied. More recently the marketing director for the company, Jack Setliff (His first post he used his real name, and I found out who he was with a simple google search of his name and "Vivilon") , has been making accounts using multiple fake names and posting on here and other videos claiming my review is “fake” and I didn’t follow directions. I have no reason to make a “fake video”. I made every attempt to get the product to work, and spent 300 dollars for a quart of it. The owner refused to refund me, and now refuses to help make the product work. Even though Im a PPG certified painter who has tried prepping according to the instructions with USP90, and also tried various precleaners such as PPG DX330, DX440, and even waterborne pre cleaners, which are designed by an OEM supplier for prepping panels to be refinished with a clear coating, I always received the same poor results. The company has gone as far as calling me a liar, and slanderer and threatened legal action. If this was a legit product, why would the marketing director have to use multiple aliases to defend his company? If anyone feels that I am trying to “deceive” people with a phony video, I would highly suggest purchasing this product through amazon and using a credit card. When I purchased it through their website I had to pay with PayPal, and PayPal buyer protection doesn’t cover products that “don’t work”, and I used a debit card since this it was a business expense. They are now selling smaller 8oz amounts of this product through amazon, which may offer buyer protection. If you are on the fence, I suggest ordering the smallest amount there and give it a try! If it works you will have a true miracle product that will save you a lot of work. If it doesn’t then Amazon may get you a refund. If not, then you can file a charge back claim through your credit card company.

Wipe New Review - Warning Before You Buy!
http://www.trustmymechanic.com/auto-repair/3388/wipe-new-review/ Free $19 Gift and UPDATED VIDEO I apologize in advance for the small width, my 8 year old daughter was my videographer. :) Are you thinking about buying Wipe New seen on TV auto plastic renew product? I DID, and made this short video showing you how to use it and what it really costs. I have 2 vehicles with black plastic exterior body parts that have faded and look more white or gray than black any more. I have tried all kinds of products in the past but they only seem to last about 1-2 weeks before they start to fade again. I have been seeing this Wipe New product adverted on TV a few times and decided to give it a try for myself. It smells like Acetone, so I would assume it is making a chemical bond to the plastic, which should make it last much longer. When you go to buy Wipe New, you will have to go through a few (like 4) "upsells" before you can complete your order. The standard size bottle is 1.5 oz, which is TINY! So, I was sold by the upsell to double the product for an additional $19.95 plus an additional $9.95 shipping fee. My total purchase was $62....so be prepared to be upsold and not walk out with a $19 purchase. Now, with that said. They claim that 1 bottle will be enough to do 1 vehicle. I was skeptical, but I think they are correct. I did my full size pickup and my wifes mini van and still had half of the 3 oz (upsell bottle size) left over. I did both bumpers and the side view mirrors and the door handles...and it took less than 10 minutes to apply. You get 2 rubber gloves (which you better use), 2 application pads and a sand paper pad to use on the headlight lenses. It has been about 1 week since the video was shot and the plastic still looks awesome. I really hope this product lives up to it's claim to last about a year. If you have used it for longer than 1 week, please leave your comments below. Thanks for your help. Blessings, http://www.TrustMyMechanic.com http://www.MyHonestMechanic.com

Vivilon ForeverNu: The Ultimate Restoration & Perfection Coating
Vivilon ForeverNu carries on the tradition started 38 years ago of making the finest restoration & protection clear coats in the world while eliminating clear coat scratches, scuffs, micro-cracking of and swirl marks in the clear coat. Offering a superior alternative to time consuming "cut and polish" buffing to eliminate these imperfections, it puts an additional coat of clear coat protection instead of polishing it away.

Shine On-Wipe On Clear Coat!
Want it to have the shine it had when it was new? Our wipe on clear coat is about a easy as it gets to restore the factory shine.No buffing required just clean the surface and wipe on the clear coat and your boat or RV will shine for years.This is a product that you only dreamed about! We made it so simple and easy to restore the shine too that factory finish it had when it rolled off the showroom floor.Visit our web site and see for your self. http://shineonfloridadealer.com or call 239-677-9965 and get your SHINE ON TODAY!!