S10 V8

1985 S10 with 350 V8, stock motor.

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Sleeper s10 having a little fun. .
1987 s10 with 350 v8 and a 5 speed. On stock 7 inch wide tires

Voodoo 60102
Bone stock 305 , stock intake manifold, Exhaust manifolds, Lunati voodoo 60102 cam, true dual Exhaust, new timing chain installed dot to dot, timing at 8 degrees before TDC, quadra-jet carburetor

V8 Sonoma on a shoestring budget.
It all started in the winter of 09. The old 2.8 started hemorrhaging oil so it was time to do the swap. I got lucky and found a donor s10 v8 package for $600 and so the fun began. Well this is what I have so far but of course there is much more to do.

1985 S10 with V8 swap
My 1985 S10 with a built 307, its about 90% done, still got some little things I need to do to it. But its getting there.