Texa Presentazione Axone Palmtop e Pad

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EN - TEXA AXONE 4: diagnostic multi-make tool
AXONE 4 is TEXA's latest high calibre tool made up of numerous innovative functions. http://www.texa.com/products/axone-4

Texa - Presentazione Linea Navigator.flv
Strumento di autodiagnosi multimarca, utilizzabile con software IDC4, Axone Palm/Pad, Direct e Axone 3 Mobile. Idoneo per i vard/i ambienti: -TXT: Car, Truck, Bike, Agri, Marine -TXC: Car solo con presa OBD -TXB: Bike e Marine

Engine Fault Diagnosis

EN - New TEXA multi-brand diagnostic tools video 2014
An overview of company life at TEXA and of its innovative products, developed especially for the Diagnosis, A/C, On-Board Diagnosis, Gas Analysis, Measurements that can be used on vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, agricultural and construction vehicles, boats. http://www.texa.com/products