reverse trike steering mechanism

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Building a Triple Speed leaning trike from a Triumph Speed Triple Part 2
The second installment features Fuller Moto continuing to build the OTC Triple Speed from a Triumph Speed Triple, rebuilding the trike's front end with a completely new, articulating suspension. Get a brief how-to in creating a leaning three-wheeler. Want to see where it started? Watch the first video here: Looking for more? Watch the final video where we take it for a ride: The trike will join OTC at SEMA 2015, booth 16007 in the Westgate.

Factory Five Mk4 Build Episode 4: Steering System
Factory Five tech guy Dan G. goes over the installation of the steering system in a Mk4 Roadster.

Front Suspension Test 1
*EDIT* I ended up adding a 2nd, stiffer pair of shocks, resulted in much better performance. Here's a short clip of my front suspension in action. The shocks are a bit loose, I'll tighten them up

Saeid's Reverse Trike.wmv
THis is my Reverse Trike that I just finished. It turned to be really unstable, So I can't use it. But I'm posting this video for any one who wants to build a Reverse Trike with this kind of design, so they know what NOT to do.